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After adding/deleting mods, sort will fail until re-install MO2


I'm wondering if I am missing a step or if this is a bug. 


When I add or remove mods in mod organizer 2 for Skyrim SE, then go to sort, the sort will usually fail.  I know when it is happening because 2 little dialogs popup instead of the normal one while the built-in loot is running, it's almost as if it kicks off two built in loot processes at once that then clash with each other.  The sort will error from that point forward.  Restarting MO2 doesn't not fix it.  But if I re-install MO2, which only takes a minute, it will then work again.  Occasionally it is still broken but then a second re-install will fix it. 


Am I missing a step?  Like maybe there are "archive bits" that need to be reset or something after adding a new mod?

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Thank you!  Not sure where I missed that, I thought I read we were explicitly instructed not to use external LOOT and to only use the built-in.  I'm guessing that should fix this up.

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It's generally best to use the latest version of LOOT on Nexus. The LOOT built-in to Mod Organizer is just a core version and it may not always be the latest version because Mod Organizer and LOOT are not on the same release cycles.

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      1. I've been using MO 2 for years for 3 of my games, Skyrim, Skyrim SE and FA4.  No problems and yesterday  I know I did something wrong because the top line of items is missing and Skyrim SE is the only game I can access.  But I don't know what I did or how to fix it.  I've  uninstalled and reinstalled with no change.   Hoping someone has done this and can explain how to fix it.  

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      I got a Steam Deck recently and was in the process of setting Skyrim SE up with mods.
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