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Alternate Language Mods

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Dear STEP-Team,


I am trying to set up STEP in german, but I want to maintain a clean installation:

  1. Many translated mods need the original mod and state that you have to overwrite the original to replace the english esp file. Would it also work to install the translates version as an independent mod in MO2 and just place it below the original?
  2. I realized that some mods earlier in the installation order have a standalone german translation. I deactivated the original, installed the translation and moved it right below the original. Is it ok to leave the original disabled or should I deinstall it?

Thanks for your time =)

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And an unrelated Question:

Often STEP recommends a 2K resolution, but the mods are available as
Main: 4k compressed diffuse maps and 2k compressed normal maps


Optional: 2k compressed diffuse and 1k compressed normal maps


What does that mean and what should I pick in that situation?

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1. Yes, that would work.

2. Yes, that is fine. Unactivated mods do nothing.


Texture size is up for you to choose and depends on your system. I still play at 1080p, so I only have 4K textures installed for large objects. It doesn't matter which you choose, in regards to the Guide. The result will be the same. The only difference you'll see is VRAM load and potentially performance drops, if you over do it for your system.

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