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White rocks path and mountain tops

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I have followed the STEP guide 0.3.0b and finally started my new game! I started in Windhelm as a soldier and as soon as I left the city and crossed the bridge, I saw the the paths are all plain white rocks. The mountain tops are also white and the nearby small bridge was also all white (though I managed to fix the bridge, not sure exactly how). Deactivating Cathedral Landscape fixes the issue, but of course I'd like it activated as it seems to be pretty a pretty nice mod that really makes the environment look a lot better.


I'm new to modding so I'm at a loss of what to do next. I have re-done the STEP 5 (LOD) of the step guide multiple times, deleting and re-adding the outputs, making sure I have the Lod packs enabled when generating and deactivating afterwards. 


Some additional info that could be useful:

I maybe have modified bEnableImprovedSnow in SkyrimPrefs.ini, but I stupidly don't know which value it should have now.

I'm using A Cathedralist's ENB, so I have installed two additional plugins that was required/recommended: ENB Helper SE and ENB Lights. But the rocks are still white when disabling the ENB with Shift+F12.


What should be my next step or thing to try? Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm not sure what additional specific info I could send to help diagnose or figure out how to fix this, so just tell me if you need something else!


PS: I also have an in-game screenshot showing the issue and a screenshot showing MO2 and LOD output folders, but I can't preview or post the topic while having my screenshots in it because I'm met with Nginx: 413 - Request Entity Too Large Error, and end up losing my changes and have to rewrite the whole topic (happened twice), so I'm not risking it. I'll add external links soon.





[spoiler=Screenshot 2]



[spoiler=Screenshot, related maybe? Looks weird]



[spoiler=MO2 and LOD Output folders]



[spoiler=LOOT Order]


  0  0     Skyrim.esm

  1  1     Update.esm

  2  2     Dawnguard.esm

  3  3     HearthFires.esm

  4  4     Dragonborn.esm

  5  5     Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp

254 FE   0 MajesticMountains_Moss.esp

254 FE   1 Landscape and Water Fixes.esp

  6  6     Skyrim Project Optimization - Full Version.esm

  7  7     FISS.esp

  8  8     MajesticMountains_Landscape.esm

254 FE   2 UHDAP - en0.esp

254 FE   3 UHDAP - en1.esp

254 FE   4 UHDAP - en2.esp

254 FE   5 UHDAP - en3.esp

254 FE   6 UHDAP - en4.esp

254 FE   7 UHDAP - MusicHQ.esp

  9  9     Lanterns Of Skyrim II.esm

254 FE   8 RealisticWaterTwo - Resources.esm

 10  a     FarmhouseChimneys.esp

254 FE   9 AHZmoreHUD.esl

254 FE   a AHZmoreHUDInventory.esl

 11  b     DynDOLOD.esm

 12  c     SkyUI_SE.esp

254 FE   b Butterflies.esp

 13  d     UnlimitedBookshelves.esp

 14  e     dD - Enhanced Blood Main LITE.esp

 15  f     Enhanced Vanilla Trees SSE.esp

 16 10     Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods.esp

 17 11     SkyrimImprovedPuddles-DG-HF-DB.esp

 18 12     SMIM-SE-Merged-All.esp

 19 13     Gildergreen Regrown.esp

 20 14     Audio Overhaul Skyrim.esp

 21 15     Better Dynamic Snow.esp

254 FE   c MajesticMountains.esp

 22 16     Cathedral Landscapes.esp

 23 17     RelightingSkyrim_SSE.esp

 24 18     SmoothShores.esp

 25 19     Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp

 26 1a     Cutting Room Floor.esp

254 FE   d WACCF - CRF Consistency Patch.esp

254 FE   e Cutting Room Floor - Better Dynamic Snow Patch.esp

254 FE   f Better Dynamic Snow - Snowy Farmhouses.esp

 27 1b     Cathedral Weathers.esp

254 FE  10 CathedralWeatherMCM.esp

254 FE  11 BDS - MM Patch.esp

 28 1c     FNIS.esp

 29 1d     WondersofWeather.esp

254 FE  12 StormLightning.esp

 30 1e     ViewableFactionRanks.esp

 31 1f     Chesko_LoreBasedLoadingScreens.esp

 32 20     RaceMenu.esp

 33 21     RaceMenuPlugin.esp

 34 22     Book Covers Skyrim.esp

254 FE  13 BetterQuestObjectives.esp

254 FE  14 BetterQuestObjectives - BCS Patch.esp

254 FE  15 BetterQuestObjectives-CRFPatch.esp

254 FE  16 BetterQuestObjectives-DBForevertoMisc.esp

 35 23     Lock_Overhaul.esp

 36 24     TimingIsEverything.esp

 37 25     AI Overhaul.esp

 38 26     Realistic Boat Bobbing.esp

 39 27     Point The Way.esp

 40 28     Oakwood.esp

 41 29     Thieves Guild Requirements.esp

 42 2a     Run For Your Lives.esp

 43 2b     Oblivion Gates Remade.esp

254 FE  17 Oblivion Gates Remade - Mountain Texture with MM Shader.esp

 44 2c     EmbersHD.esp

 45 2d     Bring Out Your Dead.esp

 46 2e     Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library.esp

 47 2f     Helarchen Creek.esp

254 FE  18 Helarchen Creek - Better Dynamic Snow Patch.esp

254 FE  19 Landscape Fixes For Grass mods - Cutting Room Floor Locations.esp

254 FE  1a Landscape For Grass Mods - Oakwood PATCH.esp

 48 30     NotSoFast-MainQuest.esp

 49 31     PilgrimsDelight.esp

 50 32     The Paarthurnax Dilemma.esp

254 FE  1b LoS II - Oakwood patch.esp

254 FE  1c LoS II - Helarchen Creek patch.esp

 51 33     NotSoFast-MageGuild.esp

254 FE  1d LoS II - SMIM patch.esp

254 FE  1e RBB - Oakwood Patch.esp

254 FE  1f Oblivion Gates Remade - Map Markers.esp

254 FE  20 BetterQuestObjectives-PaarDilemmaPatch.esp

 52 34     Better Stealth AI for Followers.esp

 53 35     Disease Descriptions.esp

 54 36     getSnowy.esp

 55 37     GoOnAhead.esp

 56 38     Guard Dialogue Overhaul.esp

 57 39     Improved Traps.esp

 58 3a     Realistic AI Detection 2 SE - Medium Interior, Medium Exterior.esp

 59 3b     Simple AUA.esp

 60 3c     Snotgurg Simple Drop Lit Torches.esp

254 FE  21 TavernAIFix.esp

 61 3d     Torches Ignite Oil - Shock Edition.esp

 62 3e     CrittersAintSnitches.esp

 63 3f     Dragon Stalking Fix.esp

 64 40     GIST soul trap.esp

254 FE  22 Hearthfires Houses Building Fix.esp

254 FE  23 Landscape and Water Fixes - Patch - Relighting Skyrim.esp

 65 41     ReasonableMovementSpeed.esp

 66 42     Waterbreathing Breathless Emerge SSE.esp

 67 43     VWA_VanillaWarpaintsAbsolution.esp

 68 44     Beards.esp

 69 45     Brows.esp

 70 46     NB-Scars.esp

 71 47     SPTConsistentOlderPeopleSE.esp

 72 48     TESIVLucienLachance.esp

 73 49     aMidianborn_Skyforge_Weapons.esp

 74 4a     Better Dynamic Ash.esp

 75 4b     ClavicusArgonianMasque.esp

 76 4c     DeadlySpellImpacts.esp

 77 4d     DustEffectsSSE.esp

 78 4e     Elemental_Staffs.esp

 79 4f     Footprints.esp

254 FE  24 Frost Meshes Patch.esp

 80 50     GQJ_DG_vampireamuletfix.esp

 81 51     IHSS.esp

 82 52     imp_helm_legend.esp

254 FE  25 imp_helm_legend_WACCF_Patch.esp

 83 53     ORM-Arvak.esp

 84 54     RUSTIC SOULGEMS - Sorted - GIST.esp

 85 55     SparklesSE.esp

 86 56     WACCF_Armor and Clothing Extension.esp

 87 57     XPMSE.esp

 88 58     Trade & Barter.esp

 89 59     Complete Crafting Overhaul_Remastered.esp

 90 5a     Smithing Perks Overhaul SE.esp

 91 5b     Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul.esp

254 FE  26 ButterfliesUnchained.esp

254 FE  27 ButterfliesUnchained(ESL) - CACO Patch.esp

254 FE  28 Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul_CCOR_Patch.esp

 92 5c     Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp

 93 5d     Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp

 94 5e     TheChoiceIsYours.esp

254 FE  29 TCIY_CRF_Patch.esp

254 FE  2a Cutting Room Floor - Relationship Dialogue Overhaul Patch.esp

254 FE  2b The Choice is Yours - WACCF Consistency Patch.esp

254 FE  2c BetterQuestObjectives-AlternateStartPatch.esp

 95 5f     Convenient Horses.esp

254 FE  2d Landscape Fixes For Grass mods - Alternate start Locations.esp

 96 60     Luminosity Lighting Overhaul.esp

 97 61     RealisticWaterTwo.esp

 98 62     Step Skyrim SE - CR Patch.esp

254 FE  2e Realistic Water Two - Landscape For Grass Mods Patch.esp

 99 63     STEP Skyrim SE - L&W Patch.esp

100 64     ENB Light.esp

101 65     Modern Brawl Bug Fix.esp

102 66     DynDOLOD.esp

254 FE  2f Occlusion.esp

Edited by Mick412

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You might toggle bEnableImprovedSnow to see this helps the whiteness. I've never used ENB Helper SE, ENB Lights or Cathedralist ENB so I don't know these may have any effect here.

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Thanks for the suggestion.


I tried toggling bEnableImprovedSnow and unfortunately, it didn't change anything. I also deactivated ENB Helper SE, ENB Lights and remove the ENB with ENB and ReShade Manager and the rocks are still white :(. 

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I am not sure ENB Lights works well with the STEP Guide and its lights setup. I am testing Cathedralist ENB atm with STEP 0.3.0 and it looks great. But leaving out ENB Lights.

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It didn't change anything. I also redid step 5 afterwards, still no dice.. What exactly could be causing this? When I try change things, do I need to redo all of Step 5 (Terrain Lod, TexGen, Tree Lod, Occlusion) each time or some steps can be skipped as they would not affect that?


Thank you again for your help.


Also if nothing works, can I just deactivate Cathedral Landscape? It seems to be required by the Step Skyrim SE - CR Patch, is it safe?


Heres my SkyrimPrefs file



bFull Screen=0
iSize H=1080
iSize W=1920
sD3DDevice="NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti"



Edited by Mick412

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I think you are editing the wrong SkyrimPrefs.ini file. Mod Organizer uses its own ini files, not the one in Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition.


If you are using BethINI, under Setup, change the INI Path to Mod Organizer > STEP Skyrim SE. Otherwise, you can change the ini via the MO INI Editor or by locating your profile folder and manually editing them.

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I don't think anything in Step 5 should be affecting this.

However, why aren't you using BethINI? It's part of the Guide and we can't support a setup that hasn't used it.

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Fixed! Thank you guys.


I had done the Step about BethINI some days ago but completely forgot I had to use that to modify the Prefs. I activated the Projected UV Diffuse Normals and now it's perfect! I don't remember touching that setting though, is it ON by default and I mistakenly disabled it? I don't it as part of the guide.


I do see it enabled in the (optional) BethINI Customization section, but I skipped it since I had no issues with performance. Anyway thanks again! Proceeding to receive multiple arrows in the knee.

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      DynDOLOD.exe - add warning messages for missing script properties, invalid or missing scripts
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      DynDOLOD.exe - check for worldspace Editor ID changes
      3.00 Alpha 41
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed argument out of range
      3.00 Alpha 40
      DynDOLOD.exe - added occlusion generation as a GUI option
      DynDOLOD.exe - added option to generate Occlusion.esp equivalent to xLODGen
      DynDOLOD.exe - added grass LOD generation as a GUI option
      DynDOLOD.exe - added terrain underside generation as a GUI option
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed not adding all required masters for object activators
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed LODGen_Options file path
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed not setting all flags when creating dynamic base record
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed not setting neverfade flag on object activator
      LODGen.exe - improved using atlas for shapes without normal map texture
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      3.00 Alpha 38 TexGen.exe - fixed not detecting DLC properly and not ignoring files equally in the render folders
      TexGen.exe - try to always use better NVIDIA/AMD graphics card for OpenGL
      3.00 Alpha 37
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      3.00 Alpha 36
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed a race condition detecting duplicate tree references
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed a race condition while creating empty BTT
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      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed issue with existing LAND records when updating DynDOLOD plugins
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      LODGen.exe - fixed not reading 4th flat texture
      LODGen.exe - updated lz4 package
      3.00 Alpha 35
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      3.00 Alpha 34
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      3.00 Alpha 32
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed wrong INI settings
      3.00 Alpha 31
      DynDOLOD.exe - added Enderal SE Steam support, start with -enderalse command line argument
      DynDOLOD.exe - added INI settings CrownBrightness, TrunkBrightness, FlatTrunkBrightness vertex color multipliers to control brightness of 3D tree models in object LOD
      DynDOLOD.exe - never ignore neverfades in child worlds for upgrading to static or dynamic LOD
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed accidentally adding material shader to glow LOD
      DynDOLOD.exe - do not use empty list item from lists in INI
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed not always disabling some dynamic LOD correctly in scanned childworlds that also have their own LOD (e.g. Markarth)
      TexGen.exe - added rendered object LOD textures - most notably Solitude, Markarth, Riften, Windhelm and College of Winterhold
      LODGen.exe - CrownBrightness*=, TrunkBrightness*=, FlatTrunkBrightness*= added
      DynDOLOD Resources SE - updated meshes and texture for better compatibility
      3.00 Alpha 30
      TexGen.exe - fixed sometimes wrongly applying specular 3.00 Alpha 29
      TexGen.exe - improved loading of cubemap textures
      3.00 Alpha 28
      TexGen.exe/DynDOLOD.exe - added Enderal SE support, uses its own config files in anticipation of Steam version
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed accidentally generating tree LOD instead of object LOD for child world copies
      DynDOLOD.exe - add full-model-CRC32 matching for object/dynamic LOD models for automatic support of "dumb" mesh replacer mods
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed not adding center cell data for first dynamic LOD activation
      DynDOLOD.exe - added/updated rules for better compatibility
      TexGen.exe - properly ignore trees without models or deleted base records
      TexGen.exe - added environment/cubemap shader
      TexGen.exe - added rendered object LOD textures - most notably vanilla Whiterun and Dwemer Ruins, DynDOLOD Dawnguard castle and more
      LODGen.exe - improved parsing of txt files
      Texconv.exe - updated to latest version
      DynDOLOD_Manual.html - updated explanations information for Enderal
      DynDOLOD Resources SE - updated meshes and texture for better compatibility
      3.00 Alpha 27
      DynDOLOD.exe - added INI setting TerrainUndersideIgnoreWorlds=
      LODGen.exe - optimize underside terrain by removing triangles for default terrain height
      DynDOLOD-Resources-SE - added patch to enable grass for Whiterun exterior

      3.00 Alpha 26
      DynDOLOD.exe - add terrain underside references to ESP so they work in all worldspaces
      3.00 Alpha 25
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed a problem with thread control
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed patches sometimes being confused about the destination plugin
      DynDOLOD.exe - improved enabling/disabling of underside mesh
      Papyrus Script - updated objectenabler script
      3.00 Alpha 24
      DynDOLOD.exe - enable/disable terrain underside meshes in child worldspaces
      DynDOLOD.exe - only generate terrain underside meshes for worldspaces that have LOD level 32
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed ignoring skinned meshes for dynamic LOD
      Papyrus Script - new objectenabler script for terrain underside meshes
      LODGen.exe - do not fail if optional billboard txt file is not present
      LODGen.exe - fixed sometimes not automatically setting passthru for glow shader
      LODGen.exe - fixed sometimes not applying replacement textures
      3.00 Alpha 23
      DynDOLOD.exe/TexGen.exe - fixed not using SSE config files for TES5VR
      DynDOLOD.exe - added INI settings TerrainUnderside, TerrainUndersideQuality and TerrainUndersideHeigth to automatically generate and place a terrain NIF that aids in blocking sun rays
      3.00 Alpha 22
      DynDOLOD.exe - added INI settings DoubleSidedTextureMask and DoubleSidedMeshMask to force double sided flag for specfic meshes or textures
      LODGen.exe - DoubleSidedTextureMask= and DoubleSidedMeshMask= added
      3.00 Alpha 21
      DynDOLOD.exe - ignore billboards without txt files so LODGen does not fail later
      LODGen.exe - added GrassDensity= to allow for lower density of grass LOD billboards in object LOD
      LODGen.exe - added ThreadSplit= to control ratio of main to sub threads for object LOD generation
      3.00 Alpha 20
      LODGen.exe - fixed looking up wrong path in BSA for billboard txt
      3.00 Alpha 19
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed skipping over some references using LIGH
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed ignoring overwrites from patches
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed not always copying XEMI record from child world to existing parent LOD representations
      DynDOLOD.exe - ignore references with only a notice that have been moved out of their original worldspace
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed ignoring XESP parent configuration not working as intended
      TexGen.exe - do not leave orphaned billboard files in case they are filtered out
      3.00 Alpha 18
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed wrong tree LOD atlas coordinates
      3.00 Alpha 17
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed index out of bounds while generating tree LOD texture atlas
      3.00 Alpha 16
      DynDOLOD.exe - ignore duplicate patches
      3.00 Alpha 15
      DynDOLOD.exe - default to -memory instead of -speed
      DynDOLOD.exe - added duplicate texture removal to object LOD atlas generation
      DynDOLOD.exe - added thread limit settings for some Occlusion operations
      LODGen.exe - fixed an indexing error
      LODGen.exe - added Threads= to limit number of concurrent LOD generation threads, defaults to number of cores
      3.00 Alpha 14
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed not ignoring player enable parent for tree LOD
      TexGen.exe - fixed a case of not ignoring case
      3.00 Alpha 13
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed sometimes leaving ITM records
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed removing alpha channel from texture if NiAlphaProperty threshold is 0
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed sometimes setting unresolved material links
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed not overwriting earlier rules
      TexGen.exe - maximize and trim billboard texture based on render instead of vertex bounding box
      TexGen.exe - do not generate billboard if textures are missing
      LODGen.exe - fixed sometimes not using side-view billboard
      3.00 Alpha 12
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed wrong load order detection for ESP only generation
      3.00 Alpha 11
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed sometimes modifying other plugins
      TexGen.exe - added separate MaxSuperSamples options for grass, tree and objects
      LODGen.exe - fixed sometimes not discovering grass billboards correctly
      3.00 Alpha 10
      DynDOLOD.exe - removed a left over debug check stopping things for no reason
      3.00 Alpha 9
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed sometimes copying wrong overwrite record
      3.00 Alpha 8
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed sometimes not matching LOD models
      3.00 Alpha 7
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed sometimes adding a duplicate textures on atlas
      3.00 Alpha 6
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed not adding master for direct childworld copies
      3.00 Alpha 5
      DynDOLOD.exe - demoted duplicate cell exception to a warning
      DynDOLOD.exe - check for childless worldspaces 
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed not adding master for enable parent of object activators
      DynDOLOD.exe - improved reading of grass data
      DynDOLOD.exe - added INI setting AlphaFactor= to control internal mipmap alpha coverage
      DynDOLOD.exe - improved normalization of assets paths
      TexGen.exe - ^^which means finding textures with rooted texture paths found in NIF
      3.00 Alpha 4
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed trying to add references for empty parent models for glow LOD
      DynDOLOD.exe - report missing base record LOD definitions if automatic matching fails
      DynDOLOD.exe - do not add worshippers to cells added by ESP
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed forced load order resulting in orphaned records 
      DynDOLOD.exe - double check if there are duplicate cells
      DynDOLOD.exe - monitor for duplicate triplets
      DynDOLOD.exe - properly blame ESP not setting MSTT DATA - Flags 0x4 
      TexGen.exe - fixed localization preventing rendering
      TexGen.exe - fixed sometimes writing wrong CRC32 for textures
      3.00 Alpha 3
      DynDOLOD.exe - ignore inconsequential unresovled errors in DLC and paid mods
      3.00 Alpha 2
      DynDOLOD.exe - fixed INI setting typo
      DynDOLOD Help - updated grass LOD settings information for No Grass In Objects version 6

      3.00 Alpha 1
      DynDOLOD.exe - converted all remaining external pas scripts to native code
      DynDOLOD.exe - added ultra LOD as a GUI option
      DynDOLOD.exe - export binary terrain file for LODGen
      DynDOLOD.exe - export grass LOD billboard file for LODGen
      TexGen.exe - converted all remaining external pas scripts to native code
      TexGen.exe - added OpenGl renderer and options to generate object LOD textures and tree/grass LOD billboards from models
      LODGen.exe - added support for reading Skyrim Special Edition CGID grass data files to place grass billboards in static object LOD meshes
      LODGen.exe - PathGrass= path to folder with xy.cgid files
      LODGen.exe - GrassMap= file with simple (NIF_FormID) billboard filename to fully qualified (textures\terrain\LODGen\...) billboard filename
      LODGen.exe - GrassBrightness*= vertex color multipliers to control overall brightness of grass
      LODGen.exe - use optional binary terrain file for pre-pass removing unseen faces for object LOD, TerrainData= as for terrain LOD
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