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Cathedral Weathers no rain/snow

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I think I'm having some issues with the weather system. The game runs really well everything is stable I'm on like day 15 in game.


However having been hanging out around Whiterun/Helgen/Bleak Falls/Windhelm. It always seems to be sunny no rain or snow in the 15 days no fog no other effect occasional cloudy sky but that is it. The reason it makes me think its bugged is that when I up helgen direction in the mountains it was cloudy but no snow and my character was covered in snow. 


I have a full STEP installed including weathers all MCM Settings are on default for weather except the recommended setting in step guide. 


I have no ENB set up at all


Any help would be great thanks



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It may just be the role of the dice you're getting. Cathedral does have one or two weather erroneously flagged for snow, when there is no chance for snow, which cause mods like Get Snowy and W&C to erroreously apply their shaders. I thought a fix for that was coming, but I don't know how far out the updates are for the mods. I'm on the Cathedral discord often and they seem to bounce around from project to project; though, JonnyWang has mainly been focused on Landscapes.

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Thank you, appreciate the reply. I will keep going with the current game and see how it goes. I'm not to concerned just was wandering if it was known bug with shaders being applied when there is no weather effect for that particular shader, like get snowy. Thanks again

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