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Saves on different PC with identical STEP Mods

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I have quick question. 


I currently have step setup on my main PC. 


The setup is i7 9700k 32GB RAM and stock 2080ti 4k screen


I was wandering if I were to set STEP up on my laptop in an identical manner would it break my saves? As in i want to use the same save on both systems. 


The laptop is i7 9570H 32GB RAM 2070maxq and 1080p screen. 


Will the variation in the hardware have an effect on the save or is it only the mod order and ESP and ESM that are important? 


Thanks for the help I appreciate it a bit of a first world problem


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If the setup is identical, you should be okay...though, I've never tried it.


Don't carry over the INI to ensure each system has its own INIs. Also, I would think making the paths identical would probably help.

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Thanks for the advice, I will make sure to have the same paths and also unique INI for each system. It makes sense, since all the hardware/screen resolution is different. 


The only concern I had was MCM Configuration. I'm guessing MCM is save specific? So if i were to load the save on the PC where the MCM was not originally configured it should be fine? Am I better to start a new save configure the MCM in an identical manner to the original save then load up the original save?

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MCM settings are saved to the game save file. So if you set them up on one system, they should remain the same when the save is pulled up on the other system.

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