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Is it possible to skip the crafting overhauls?

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I notice they're incorporated into the patches, but I don't like either of the crafting overhauls. They mess with my perk overhauls and just in general make crafting unfun for me.


Is there a way to just not use them? Edit the patches somehow? I haven't installed a STEP build in a fairly long time(Think 2015) and I don't remember there being crafting overhauls in it before.


I'm particularly concerned with the cooking and alchemy one. I use iNeed for needs, and rather not make cooking complicated. I don't generally use Alchemy, but the changes to the perk trees is going to mess with Vokrii.





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Not sure if you figured this out on your own, but if you know how to remove a master plugin from a patch then you should be able to do it. While I personally haven't removed the crafting mods from my setup, I've removed a couple other ones and haven't seen an issue. If you remove CACO, you may want to look at a different mod that fixes the flora re-spawn bug. CACO had that built in.


If you haven't removed masters from a patch before, this is my favorite video on the steps you need to take. Fair warning, you will need to use Wrye Bash and that tool isn't covered by this guide. It's pretty straight forward though in this case.




Your other option is to not use the STEP patch and then you can use whatever mods you want, but you'd need to build your own CR patch and add other mods that handle the fixes the STEP patch does. Unless you are skipping most of the STEP mods, I'd suggest you keep the STEP patch and remove mods as necessary.

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The only one I really wanted to skip is CACO so I might try this. If I cant get it to work I'll just live with the changes. I just dislike the recipe changes, mostly.


Appreciate it. :)

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