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Wrye Bash (by Wrye)


Discussion thread:
Wrye Bash by Wrye
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The most versatile and sophisticated mod manager for TES4 & TES5. Much more than just a mod manager, Wrye Bash is the Swiss Army Knife of modding. Visit the guide for a more thorough description and instructions for use maintaining STEP.

Nexus thread

Latest release notes:

Thanks to Mertz AKA Beermotor for putting these release notes together :


Wrye Bash 307 Beta 2 Release Notes


Code has been refactored and cleaned up. Many bugs have died sudden and brutish deaths.
Refactored Bashed Patcher for Skyrim Special Edition. See below for special notes on this update.
SSE and FO4 save game support
Creation Club ESL and save game support.
Increased max-plugin count if using ESL files
Support for installing BodySlide and BodySlide data files**
Better support for FNIS**
Better support for installing DynDOLOD content
Support for Fallout 4 MCM and MCM plugins
Better SKSE64 plugin support
SKSE64 cosave support
Dramatically improved ( go faster! ) filesystem operations
Better file handling with dirty mods (for examle mods that have desktop.ini, thumbs.db files accidentally packed in the zip)
(Bugfix) Improved BCF (BAIN Converter File) support for Skyrin, Skyrim Special Edition, and Fallout 4
(Bugfix) Bash will no longer include mods with BSA files in plugin merges
(Bugfix) Better crash handling and exeption generation
(Bugfix) Fixed several bugs with INI Tweak handling
(Bugfix) Better settings handling. This is still a work-in-progress as we rework this portion of the code.
** Note: Bash skips executable files as a security measure. As a work-around, see the wiki article on how to set up Bodyslide executables with Bash.

Special note on the Bashed Patcher for Skyrim Special Edition: This version is form version 44 enforcing, meaning you will receive an error if you have any classic Skyrim plugins in your load order that have not been converted correctly in the SE Creation Kit (SECK). It will continue to build the patch, but you may encounter unusual behavior in the game. Do not ask the Bash team for assistance for issues arising from the use of v43 plugins with the SSE Bashed Patch.

Currently in development:

Further code refactoring and clean-up
More Bash Tags supported in Skyrim Special Edition
More Bash tweaks for Skyrim games and Fallout 4.
New Bash Tags for new SSE and Fallout 4 record types
More patchers for the Bashed Patcher for Skyrim Special Edition
Better Fallout 4 support
FOMOD support

Special thanks to the Wrye Bash team and contributors

Utumno - Lead developer and project lead

and we sincerely apologize for anyone we forgot.

Thanks to everyone that submitted bug reports, feature requests, issue reports, or just reported something being flat-out broken. We appreciate your help.

And a very special thanks to everyone that uses Wrye Bash to manage their Bethesda games. We do this for you.


Please follow the guidelines set out in the wiki for Reporting a bug.

Please post any bug reports to the Nexus thread. Do not post bug reports directly to the GitHub issues tracker.

Thank you!

Just starting this thread for general questions... which I'm bound to have a few ;)Starting with (and I've already done some hunting for this to no avail):What is the whole 'Warning - Load List Sanitized' thing about? Why does it disable select mods and what can I do about it?

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The TES5Edit merged patch doesn't work very well. It isn't intelligent enough to fix everything' date=' and in my experience, can many times make things worse. That is why there is the warning.

Yes, but as long as you know how to check it afterwards, it does the job well :D

Whereas there's not much information about SkyBash around, so I don't really know what its limitations are...

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Hi everyone.


Is still have questions about the posted issue.


PS: First and last time I used STEP was 2.2.0A.


I installed and configured everything to 2.D. and it works well. But after installing Wyre Bash and run it through MO, a Bashed Patch 0.esp gets created in the overwrite dir of MO. What to do now?


A Ignore?

B Create a mod (like 2.B. 3))? If true, in which order should the bashed patch.esp loaded?


Thanks a lot!

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Hello, I do not know if this is the right place for this question, however, I will ask it. I trust I will be redirected to the right place.

First, I am using MO ver 1.2.9, and have version 304.4 stand alone of Wrye Bash.

My question; I have wondered, after making a bash patch, can I remove the esp and esm files patched from my load order?

I have not tried, guess I have been a bit chicken.

I have been searching, however, I have not seen anything on this subject.

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No, do not remove any plugins. Wrye Bash patches certain records in the plugins, but not all of them. Mostly it patches the leveled lists, so if a mod adds items or changes the stats from items, then they all get added to the Bashed Patch in an attempt to merge all the content.

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I have a question about Wrye Flash. For some reason it is not recognizing 'fose v1.2b2' the green box is ticked but when I start the game through wrye I get a error box saying it's not installed or the version is not up to date,but it is.


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So over on the Beth Forums there is a thread started for an update to the Bash Patcher. I guess we are finally getting some added functions which are long overdue.


If you know a lot, and I mean a lot about how the bash patch works, how sub records are copied over, and how to look at plugins in xEdit, then maybe consider trying it out. Right now the only tag implemented over the current Skyrim version is Sound. Anyone who's ever installed AOS will rejoice at that, so... YEAH!!!!  :dance:

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So, just to add to what I already said. It looks like the patcher allows a lot more plugins to be deactivated and merged to Bashed Patch. Soul Gems Differ.esp, Moss Rocks_DB.esp, Paralyze.esp... a few others too.


Looks like the Sound tag isn't quite working yet, but it was just put in today, so maybe avoid it if you are testing stuff out.

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Well, Sharlikran is testing a version with all the Record types opened up. The version released in that thread has these:
'MGEF', 'MISC', 'MOVT', 'MSTT', 'MUSC', 'MUST', 'NPC_', 'OTFT', 'PROJ', 'RELA',
Looks pretty exiting to me. I wouldn't mind dropping an entire app for a script, but can Mator Smash merge plugins? And does it work for other games? Pretty soon WB will work for TES4, TES5, FO3, and FNV. That will actually make me happy. No more STEP Patches I guess. No need for them, since everything will be mergable. I can just do the other mergable thing I've been ignoring for a while.

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Any people really good with Bash tagging and TES5Edit should test out the latest wrye bash posted today. The Cell tags are implemented and being worked on right now over on the Beth Forums.

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I get discouraged sometimes when I can't make Wrye Bash do what I want.  I can't program in Python at all.  I muddle along because to some extent to me it's like working with a pre-defined API.  I am merely translating TES5Edit code to Python. There are similarities but when it comes to something really complex then I need help.


I have been able to learn how the patchers work to get started on Skyrim's patchers.  However, once I started getting reports that certain values were erroneously showing up in the Bash patch I explained I was not responsible for it.  I am only telling Wrye Bash to look at Skyrim's records and subrecords but I am not changing the patchers code itself.


Where I think the confusion lies is that for a while I believe most people used Wrye Bash for Oblivion and probably used CBash since it makes the Bash Patch so much faster.  It has its own internal code to handle everything.  Since nobody ever looked at it with a fine tooth comb, nobody knew that the Oblivion Patcher was not working as it should.  Therefore, as I updated the Skyrim patcher it didn't work correctly either.  That lead to some discontent and bemusement since surely someone would have reported errors for Oblivion years ago.  Well, Wrye Bash for Oblivion or Skyrim has never had a patcher upgrade in over three years and it's bound to have issues.


Likewise, Wrye Flash is still using Oblivion's code for the most part.  I have found the energy to work on it again.  Also fireundubh made a script to detect bash tags so I am going to try and continue my updates to all four versions for FO3/FNV/TES4/TES5. The only drawback is I will only be updating the Python patcher. As I make changes I will try and get the current 305 or in my case the 306 Experimental beta to support all four game modes.


What would really help is if the STEP staff knows any Python programmers that have enough experience with the language to examine code without a lot of documentation and make sense of it. I may not be able to program that well in Python but I am willing to explain whatever I can and I am fairly knowledgeable with the program.


For now I started a thread for updates to Wrye Bash/Smash/Flash Patchers.

Edited by Sharlikran

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Nobody around here (that I know of) is accomplished with Py code ... I know a bit and even have some reference manuals, but although I have wanted to learn Python for a long time, I never got further along than the basics. The Wrye Bash code is very complicated and has a lot of code contributed by different programmers, so it is really tough to peruse even for an accomplished Py programmer.


The only really accomplished Py programmer I know is Tannin, and he is not interested in working on WB for obvious reasons. stoppingby4now is an accomplished Perl programmer, which means he can do some Python, but he has little time to spare outside of what he does around here (he is our Unix guru and site developer).


I will happily test though as I can spare the time (long-time WB user here) and post on your thread if I get into the mix.


I encourage others to do the same.


EDIT: for now, I pinned your dev thread to give it a bit more exposure ;)

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