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City Entrances Overhaul Windhelm - objects without LOD


Hi there, I'm using the following mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19400


From a distance, several objects on the Windhelm bridge are invisible and pop in when moving closer. I know this is normal, but these are noticeable as they are supporting pillars, so you have the effect of a solid wooden structure floating above the bridge with no visible means of support.


The support pillars are using (base FormID 00087837WRIntCastleFreePillar01. In the CK, this is listed under WorldObjects/Static/Architecture/WhiteRun/WRInteriors


I'm working on the hypothesis that the mesh in question was intended for use in interiors and, therefore, Bethesda didn't bother creating a LOD mesh for it. 


What I would like to know is, is there a way that I could somehow generate a LOD mesh for these pillars without having to spend weeks and months learning how to use a 3D modelling program and creating one from scratch?


Any guidance would be most welcome!


Thanks :)

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Yes that pillar is popular with some mod authors and used often also for exteriors.


If you read the included manual - Custom Settings For Specific Mods - Revamped Assets Skyrim, Sexy Azura Statue and DynDOLOD_Mod_Authors.html - then you know that DynDOLOD can easily use full models for LOD by simply adding rules for them.


A mesh rule for this model would look like:


Mesh mask: architecture\whiterun\wrinteriors\wrcastle\wrintcastlefreepillar01.nif

LOD4: Full model

LOD8: empty or Full model

LOD16: empty or Full model

VWD: not checked

Grid: Far LOD

Reference: Unchanged

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I feel bad now because I know how many times you have to tell people to RTFM. I have no excuse for not looking this up in the included documentation and I apologise. I would offer to send you my first born, but he's 20 now and you probably wouldn't want him.


Watching the GP video now, hopefully soon I'll be able to get back to trying to figure out why TexGen suddenly started getting stuck on mountainslablod.dds :/ EDIT: fixed by deleting and reinstalling DynDOLOD and the Resources. Thanks!


PS: this will be helpful for more than just me, as I know others have had the same problem with the Windhelm Entrance Overhaul, so I will feed this back to them as well.


PPS: I tried the cow just to see what it looked like. I was not expecting it to be the size of Dragonsreach. Well played sir.


Thank you for the reply and have a great day!

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