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CameraPath Tweaks (useless LOL)

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CameraPath settings relate to the mysterious "Multi-Screenshot" function (source: controlmap.txt) which is enabled by pressing CTRL+Printscreen. It acts as a toggle, almost as if it were supposed to be recording a video??? It saves folders with the sDirectoryName in the Skyrim main folder, but doesn't seem to place any files in there.


bRecord toggles something. Testing didn't reveal anything.


bStart toggles something. Testing didn't reveal anything.


iFPS is similar to iFPSClamp when in Multi-Screenshot mode. If set to 0, everything will be as is related to frames per second. If set to 30, it will regulate the game speed to 30 frames per second, and the faster your performance, the faster the game speed (e.g., iFPSClamp).


iTake records the number of the previous "take." If sDirectoryName is TestCameraPath and iTake is 0, the folder created first will be TestCameraPath01. If iTake is set to 60, the folder created first will be TestCameraPath061.


sDirectoryName sets the name of the directory created in the Skyrim game folder for each Multi-Screenshot.


sNif sets something to do with a nif file???


sOffsetID sets some kind of offset, probably an address in the created file?



All in all, these settings are useless, other than to explain the effect experienced if you accidentally hit CTRL+PrintScreen in game. I thought it would be cool if somehow it was some secret video recording function LOL.

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Having just poked through various INI settings (functional or not) including the Fallout4Prefs guide here, the Fallout4.ini topic, and spending a good hour or two staring through the Fallout4.esm's Game Settings (in xEdit), and seeing various camera-related mentions (and VATS ones in the .esm);

Could it be one or more method Beth uses to test (or create) VATS-like camera angles/movement models?
Particularly since it uses a certain path and a .nif, with an offset option.
There's a couple s*Offset's in the .esm's for offsetting the camera height for VATS and their 'Dialogue' camera.

Maybe, maybe not, but it would follow that to test out functions of how the VATS camera worked in-engine, they'd have a way of "loading up" a certain setup to test, and there's some test-leftovers lying around already, so it'd make sense to me.

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I find it useful in testing to easily speed up the game during testing to get places faster.

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