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RUSTIC AMULETS - Special Edition (by Gamwich)

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RUSTIC AMULETS - Special Edition by Gamwich

Wiki Link


STEP SE Notes:

Test Files: Use whatever the resolutions of the current STEP SE textures.

Test against current STEP SE. Also needs to be tested against this mod.


Looks like Gamwich recently released another RUSTIC mod. Any plans to add this to the STEP Guide?


After I get the latest beta up and running for a while I'll try it out.

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Vanilla > SSEUT > this mod > Rustic Amulets:
5WQ9EwjB_o.png GSohLiQp_o.png brruRi6m_o.png EbC5bowB_o.png y9K8QWz0_o.png 2EN9QBou_o.png kwwtzZgL_o.png fXXgjVep_o.png


For this particular amulet, RA wins for sure, IMO. From what others have said, RA is probably best ... I will be running it, so anyone that disagrees, please provide som examples to add to this.

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