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8K Night Skies - Stars and Galaxies (by JonnyWang)

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This is quite a beautiful night sky texture but it does not work well with 'Animated Stars' feature from ENB, at least not as it's tuned with Rudy ENB out of the box.


Rudy offers star and galaxy textures in the 'addons' folder of his ENB preset that are comparable and work great with the animated stars feature, which is really damn cool IMO.


...If we're getting really serious about our night skies I highly recommend Rudy's stars with galaxies from Gamwich's Ethereal Cosmos, lol!

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After some more testing and playing for several hours, I grew to dislike Vistant more and more as it consistently looked a bit low quality. This one seemed to look good while still being a close resemblance to vanilla. The recommended option provides a vanilla-like experience and when combined with Cathedral Weathers, pairs nicely default ambient light during clear weather.

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Honestly I think Rudy's night sky is likely very similar to what's happening with JonnyWang's, I just like his star field texture a little better.

I do have reasons though to be using that instead; namely that I'm using both Rudy ENB + ENBLight.  Had major concerns that ENBLight would destroy my FPS but it hasn't seemed to affect it at all (outside of candles... nordic ruins and lots of candles around does start to drain FPS... but I live with it cause it's so awesome everywhere else), and really does some amazing things with lighting in the game.

Anyway.  Slightly off-topic.

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