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Problem with trees changing how they look when I get close


Hi all, 

I am not sure if this is the best place to ask but I followed a guide on making the environment better looking, everything went fine with TexGen and DynDOLOD except in game the trees change from a basic tree lod to the modded one as I walk up to them which is very jarring

.....is that correct ? 


Here are a few images


Also found this video on the net which has my exact same issue, except no info on how to fix it



Any help would be appreciated

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FAQ: Game: Tree LOD: LOD trees do not match close-up full model trees 

A: If the billboard tree LOD seems overly dark or bright, use the tree LOD brightness setting on the advanced options to account for lighting changes made by ENBs or weather mods. 
A: Doublecheck billboards and billboard load order. Open console, click on full model tree to get form id like 000185C7. Lookup this FormID top left in xEdit, bringing up the tree reference in the right pane. Find the form id of the 'NAME - Base', like TreeAspen01 [TREE:0006A9E6]. Search in Textures\Terrain\LODGen\ subfolders for files with that number, like TreeAspen01_0006A9E6.dds and TreeAspen01_0006A9E6.txt. Replace files with correct versions. 
A: The DynDOLOD log will print a detailed list for each tree which billboard (and 3D LOD model if applicable) it is using. Use the base form id like 0006A9E6 to easily find the entries in the log. 
A: Find better matching billboards for the tree mods or create them. See this video
DynDOLOD uses the billboards you have installed. As the manual explains, install billboards for whatever tree mods are being used, overwriting the vanilla billboards.

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Hi Talos, Thanks for your response, I don't use any weather mods or ENB (yet) I had read the FAQ's and manual but I did see that, I have no idea how i missed it both times I read it (possibly lack of sleep with new baby at home) Thank you so much for taking the time to answer. 

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*edit* Didn't see that NOT did see that..


I also have installed the billboards needed but will play around with the mods to see what i can achieve.

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I might also add, that by default DynDOLOD does not change how tree LOD works. It generates it correctly provided the required billboards for all tree mods are installed.


Read DynDOLOD\Docs\trees.ultra\DynDOLOD-Trees.html for how to generate 3D tree LOD for vanilla trees and/or tree mods that support it.

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      Below is a screenshot of the corrected glow on the windows. 

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