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2 Notifications in MO2 after a full STEP v0.2.0b Install




I have completed a full STEP install and the guide was great, thank you!


However, I am getting two notifications in MO2 and I am wondering if there are steps I should take to correct or if these notifications are acceptable.




The masters for some plugins (esp/esl/esm) are not enabled.

The game will crash unless you install and enable the following plugins:


Required By


Disease Descriptions - RND Patch.esp




You have one or more script extender plugins which failed to load!


If you want this notification to go away, here are some steps you can take:

• Look for updates to the mod or the specific plugin included in the mod.

• Disable the mod containing the plugin.

• Hide or delete the plugin from the mod.


To refresh the script extender logs, you will need to run the game and/or editor again!


The failed plugins are:

• Couldn't load EngineFixes.dll (SSE Engine Fixes (skse64 plugin)). A dependency DLL could not be found (code 126).


I appreciate the support!

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1) RealisticNeedsandDiseases.esp and Disease Descriptions - RND Patch.esp are not in the STEP Guide.  ^_^ Make sure you have the STEP Guide and only the STEP Guide installed and working before adding additional mods.


2) Make sure you have SSE Engine Fixes installed correctly. There are two files. One is the loader that you place in the Skyrim SE root directory and the other you install with MO.

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Thank you for the reply.  I think i got everything solved!


1)  I am 99% confident that I did not download this mod and followed the guide exclusively.  I am not sure if it came pre-packaged with another mod?  Either way i just unabled that plug-in.


2)  I did not have the SSE Engine Fixes installed correctly.  The files that I put into the root directory were still in their own folder.  I moved the three files ( 2 .dll files and 1 .ini file) out of the folder and directly into the root directory.  I reloaded skyrim and the error went away.  It may be in my mind but the game seems to be running smoother as well!


Thanks again! 

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Also, my save file went from modded to now unmodded when i saved again.  Can you help me understand why my game is now being registered as an unmodded game?

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Also, my save file went from modded to now unmodded when i saved again.  Can you help me understand why my game is now being registered as an unmodded game?

That is a feature of SSE Engine Fixes, to allow achievements when mods are installed. It can be disabled by changing a line in the included 'EngineFixes.ini':


EnableAchievementsWIthMods (default: true) - Enables achievements when you have mods installed.

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