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STEP L&W torch Lighting bug

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Hello, me again!


I have just finished a fresh STEP install (using only the STEP guide, I have no other mods installed yet) and have encountered a problem with lighting during testing.


Some light sources emit a circle of light that immediately stops at a certain radius - there is no fade to it. See linked picture for what I mean as an example with a torch, but other light sources do this too such as braziers and other torch types.




This didn't happen on my other install so I am a bit confused, and everything looks in order to me:


You can see all my plugin list and load order here: https://modwat.ch/u/OJLMethos/plugins


But for a shorthand Loadorder for mods I think are relevant:


  1. Relighting Skyrim
  2. ELE
  3. STEP L&W patch

load order sorted with LOOT

Install order is per the STEP guide

everything cleaned in line with LOOT guides

Masters cleaned etc etc


Any thoughts from the STEP or lighting masters out there?




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I thought to check and BETHINI had decided to completely scramble my INI settings which is more than a bit weird. loads of settings were changed including turning off shadows.


I reset to ultra settings with recommended tweaks and all works.


As you were.

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