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Forum Structure Updates and more...

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The below updates were made in preparation of the upcoming v3.0 release.

As such, once testing of data migration begins, they are subject to change.




Forum Structure


The new forum structure is now, mostly, in place. Below is a brief overview of the new structure for users. The top-level categories are now:

  • News & Announcements
  • Guide Discussion & Support
  • Mod Discussion
  • Support & Troubleshooting
  • General Discussion
  • Exclusive Discussion
  • Step Operations


News & Announcements
This category contains forums used for Step purposes, such as announcing new guide releases, posting general Step News, posting updates, etc. Users can also find the forum rules and general information here.

Guide Discussion & Support
This is a new category where users will find everything they need related to guides. The forums are separated by game or other overarching topic. For example, users will find the STEP SE Core Build, STEP SE Guide, Lexy's: Legacy of the Dragonborn Guide, and other SE-related guide information within the "Skyrim Special Edition" top-level forum. Each guide's forum houses everything from that specific guide, all in one location. This includes Bug Report topics, Support forums, general discussion, etc.
Mod Discussion
Here are listed the old Skyrim LE mods forum along with new Fallout and Skyrim SE forums for posting and discussion of mods. This is the bulk of where the community influences the projects. Users are, therefore, encouraged to post new topics for mods they wish to be reviewed for a Step guide and to engage in open discussion over posted mods.

Support & Troubleshooting
General support forums are provided here for Fallout and Skyrim games, post processors, Mod Organizer, and other third-party utilities. We also provide top-tier support forums for Mator's various tools, as well as, the official DynDOLOD support forum for Sheson. Keep in mind the game support is for general support only! For Guide-specific support, users should see the Guide Discussion & Support forums.

General Discussion
This category holds forums for general discussion that doesn't fall into any other categories.

Exclusive Discussion
The forums contained within this category are exclusive forums reserved for specific mod groups. Thus, the users who will be able to see these forums are limited.

Step Operations
This category houses forums specific to the Step platforms, themselves. These forums should be used for issues with any of the listed platforms.




Member Groups

There have been a few changes to a couple of the Member Groups. The first change is to the default group users are assigned to when they register. This group has been renamed from "Members" to "New Member". These users have certain restrictions in place for them to acclimate to our community. Currently these restrictions are:

  • Can edit post up to 15 minutes from post timestamp. After 15 minutes, editing is disabled. This is to acclimate users to not deleting their posted content via editing.
  • Can't upload files to the forums. This is to acclimate users to using third-party solutions for posting images, mod lists, load orders, etc.
  • Can't create a signature until 10 post count reached. Signatures are limited to text only and one (1) line.
  • Can't participate in post rating and reputation systems.

The second change has been made to the "Members (elevated)" group. This group was set up for promoting users, individually, in order to grant editing permissions. Some time ago we decided to set up automatic promotions to this group. Thus group has been renamed to "Citizen" and all users who were currently registered at the time of this change were moved into this new "Citizen" Member Group. This change means that all these users will now have normal editing privileges to their own posts.


All users who register after this change will be automatically moved to from the "New Member" group to the "Citizen" group upon reaching a post count of 20. At which time, all restrictions from the New Members group are lifted.




Member Ranks

The Member Ranks have been updated on the forums. Users can view the updated ranks here: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/14788-member-rankings/

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