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Dominions More Khajiit (By Arron Dominion)

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This mod adds 20 more khajiit to the base Skyrim continent. Each of these khajiit are unique and are spread throughout the province. Below are a list of each of them and where you might find them (since a few of them wander on the roads at times):

Dark Brotherhood:

Jo'rassa - She is a member of the Dark Brotherhood in Dawnstar (can marry)
Omin-Dar Sajgandihr - Member of the Dark Brotherhood in Dawnstar (can marry)

Dragons Bridge:

Zayla Hammustahe - She is a bard at the Inn (can marry)

Khajiit Caravan - Solitude Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, Whiterun/Windhelm at some point Thursday, and Winterhold Friday/Saturday

Tsarhni - She is a Merchant in the Caravan specializing on spells/ingredients/potions/enchantments
Wadhannar - He is a Merchant in the caravan mostly specialized in arrows, armor, and minerals

Nightgate Inn:

Ja'shavir Kharstavir - He is a Bard at the Inn (can marry).


Ahnasari Zahjohin - She is a priest at the Temple of Mara
Ahndrrina - She is a guard in Riften
Anjva Kastavir - She is a member of the Thieves Guild (can marry)
Baaakha Raimanrin - He is a member of the Thieves Guild (can marry) [Doubles as a bard when you are at an inn]

Shor's Stone:

Do'leena - She is a mercenary for hire hanging around outside (can marry)


Ak'jirr Ahrhirin - He is a member of the Bard's College (can marry)
Baaddumiwa Kihrkpoor - He is a priest at the temple
Kesraym Rawidavi - He is a mercenary for hire (can marry)
Ma'mba Ahrtani - She is a member of the Bard's College (can marry)
Mojidzo - He is a city guard on the Docks [you might find him patrolling the palace occasionally]


Do'amla Sihbari - She is a member of the Companions (can marry)
Dro'shanji - He is a member of The Companions (can marry)


Harazami Zahnair - She is a member of the College of Winterhold (can marry)
Kazgh Mahkar - He is a member of the College of Winterhold (can marry)

Special Features:

Unlike the previous packs, there are priests and merchants in this one. It made sense to add a few merchants in the mix, and they will be open all hours of the day, you just have to find them on their Solitude-Winterhold trade route. The priests will heal your wounds if you are injured until you are at full health.


-The initial release.

Known Bugs:
None at this time.

Voices will not sound Khajiit. This is due to a basic Bethesda limitation.

Khajiit name generator - http://fantasynamegenerators.com/khajiit_names.php
Dana Boule - Collective Calm - http://freemusicarchive.org/genre/Instrumental

Those Wanting Merged File:
laelipoo has provided a merged ESP for the More NPC mods.  Special thanks for taking the time to create a merged ESP, as some of you have asked me to do in the past.  You can find it here, and instructions are present in the description of the mod page: Dominion's More Not-Nords All In One

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