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SkyUI - Item quantity prompt not happening

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Hey folks, I just installed STEP (Special Edition) with one or two mods on top (the most significant being Ordinator, so I didn't install the perk overhauls in STEP), and I'm having an issue with SkyUI. No error messages or anything, but when trying to take items from or put them in a container I can't get a quantity prompt. When using a controller I just have to button press over and over until every item is moved, or hit X to move every item in my inventory (or in the container) at once. When using a mouse, I can right click to move all of one specific item, but that doesn't solve my problem (and doesn't help at all when using a controller, which I prefer). I have no experience debugging SKSE stuff sadly... any ideas on how to bug check this?


EDIT: I did check the MCM menu, and the item quantity threshold is set to 6, as the default.


EDIT #2: Upon further testing, the issue seems to be only with money and ammo... when looting septims or arrows I have to tap for each one. For other items, I get the prompt as expected. Hmm...

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Chatted with cdcooley and confirmed that the problem is his Better Container Controls mod. Unchecked the mod and confirmed that the behavior was fixed. Not sure if I can safely remove it mid playthru yet...

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