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DNAM Material settings for dynamic full models are using incorrect materials




I'm attempting to recreate the behaviour of SSEs large reference system using DynDOLOD, using full models for certain things to prevent pop in on cell borders. Notably looking to use full models for some buildings, large mountain/rock terrain features etc.


Currently playing around with mountains, and what I'm finding is the DNAM settings aren't being fully copied from the original model, but seem to be hardcoded to point to SnowLODMaterialHD (6AE38). This is leaving me with pure white mountains (using Majestic Mountains which modifies the material settings, with different materials for light/heavy snow etc).


Looking into the obsolete.pas file I found the following lines:

  // snow/ash material to LOD versions, even for full models or else it wont work in-game
  if ElementExists(Element, 'DNAM') then begin
    if Assigned(MasterOrSelf(LinksTo(ElementByPath(Element, 'DNAM\Material')))) then
      AddMasterIfMissing(NEWFile, GetMaster(MasterOrSelf(LinksTo(ElementByPath(Element, 'DNAM\Material')))));
    SetElementNativeValues(TempElement, 'DNAM\Max Angle (30-120)', GetElementNativeValues(Element, 'DNAM\Max Angle (30-120)'));
    if Pos('snow', Lowercase(EditorID(LinksTo(ElementByPath(Element, 'DNAM\Material'))))) > 0 then
      SetElementNativeValues(TempElement, 'DNAM\Material', FileNameToLoadOrder('Skyrim.esm', $06AE38));
    if Pos('_ash', Lowercase(EditorID(LinksTo(ElementByPath(Element, 'DNAM\Material'))))) > 0 then
      SetElementNativeValues(TempElement, 'DNAM\Material', FileNameToLoadOrder('Dragonborn.esm', $032720));

I'm assuming the funtionality has been replicated in the exe. I manually changed a few material settings in xEdit and it has fixed the problem, mountains now have no pop in and use the exact same materials. The problem is the new dyndolod elements obviously have no reference to the original and can change each generation, so it means manually patching large numbers of elements any time I generate a new DynDOLOD. Is there any way I can get the new full model dyndolod elements to keep the original element Material settings?


Cheers and thanks for the hard work.


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Yes, using the LOD shaders is an old relic from Skyrim. Based on the comment there was some kind of issue.


I will change it and make it keep the original shader, maybe controllable with an INI setting if needed.

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