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Does it matter which storage drive my mods are installed to?


I have a question that should seem obvious, but I just wanted to confirm it. I have three storage drive tiers installed into my PC: 


NVMe Evo 970 Plus: Read/Write @ 3.5GB/2.5GB per second.

SATA3 SSD:  Read/Write @ 550MB/400MB per second.

7200 RPM HHD: Read/Write @ 100MB/80MB per second.



I have my Skyrim installation on the MVMe, but I was unsure if I should set the Mod Organizer mod installation folder to that same drive. Would it decease loading times or is it irrelevant for mods and virtual folders?



Space is a non-issue. Each tier has 2TB or more worth of space.

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I would generally install Mod Organizer and Sykrim on the fastest drive with ample disk space for the game and all the mods, but I wouldn't worry overly much about the difference in speed between a SATA SSD and the NMVe SSD. Install both on the NVMe SSD if you have plenty of space available; if not, the SATA SSD will work just as well and you probably won't notice any difference while playing.

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