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Smooth Running Animations (by Bergzore/1017rg)

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    • By somnomania
      So I'm in the middle of setting things up from scratch, redownloading everything, and I encountered a problem with xEdit and cleaning the vanilla masters. It doesn't seem to be cleaning anything; I move everything appropriately and run LOOT, and it's still reporting the hundreds of ITMs and the undeleted stuff. The log in xEdit has some stuff about things that need manual cleaning, but I don't know how to interpret it. 
      I'd appreciate some help. Last time I did this I remember the cleaning part being pretty easy, but this has stymied me. At least I can keep downloading mods in the meantime.
    • By Decopauge123
      My suggestion is that a note be added to the Step SkyrimSE Guide for PapyrusUtil SE, the 3rd mod listed in the 02-Extenders group.  This note could point out that the main file on the mod page is designed and intended for AE.  The first Miscellaneous file is the one that needs to be used when following the Guide, since it is designed and intended for SE.  Without this heads-up, it is very easy for people to not pay attention, install the main file, and have all sorts of problems trying to follow the Guide.
    • By TechAngel85
      Discussion topic:
      Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - Update and MCM by mnikjom
      Wiki Link
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