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Butterflies Land True (by Wanderhall)

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The guide says "STEP Recommends: Butterflies Land True - ESPFE Alternate Version Optional File."

which includes a formlist to remove the worst of the indirect landing zones.


However a sticky post by Butterflies Land True author Wanderhall says :

"Butterflies Unchained corrects the indirect landing zones, and is a great companion mod for BLT. Used together, both mods solve the butterfly landing problems. If used together, use the no formlist version of BLT, or allow Butterflies Unchained to overwrite."


So when using Butterflies Land True and Butterflies Unchained together you have two options :

1. Keep the indirect landing zones (use the no formlist version of BLT), and let Butterflies Unchained fix the indirect landing zones.

2. Remove the worst of the indirect landing zones (use the regular version of BLT).


I think option #1 (fixing rather than removing) is closer to vanilla, and the better option.

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