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XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended (by Team XPMSE)

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I think XP32 Maximum Skeleton was originally added because it was a requirement for Dual Sheath Redux. We later updated to XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended and it's remained in the guide ever since. I think can't think of anything in the guide that explicitly requires XPMSSE, but it provides a nice base for users that want alternate weapon locations (swords on back or hip) PC exclusion animations, or other animations that require a more flexible skeleton.

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I come across many issues with XPMSSE in my testing thus far:

1 - numerous options simply do not function correctly

2 - the sword often stays in the right hand when using sword on back when sheathing weapons -- my fav is dagger on back/hip left hand, sword on back right hand

3 - various options are not there to choose between other than Default

4 - when picking certain options, if one is running they do not play correctly

5 - weapons sheathed texture/meshes glitches with straps facing the wrong way or out of location quite noticeably when in 3rd person

6 - I dont know if there are 1st person mods that are missing from our list, but the fact first person does not alter with changes is not what i expected, as with shields on back the shield is continuously seen on the left when jumping in 1st person

Simply put, i used to use DSR back in LE days and it was nice when it was set up properly; this 'merged successor' to various other animation mods from LE looks good on the tin, but the biscuits dont seem to be that tasty - are the add-on or other mods we are not utilising that XPMSSE wants to have to function well?

Also, my understanding is the MA has abandoned the entire project and blocked communication via Nexus and refuses to engage with the bugs or comments section...

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You are remembering to run FNIS or Nemesis when changing options, right? I haven't had any issues with this mod. 

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Do you have the latest version of RaceMenu for Skyrim Anniversary Edition 1.6.353 installed?

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Im not using any 1.6.353 reliant mods - im doing the testing via 1.5.97 as per instructions weeks ago to ensure that all the mods in the guide function correctly, as so many of the mods required from 02 through to 05 to function correctly are not update for AE yet - unless the guide has new information that im not aware of as i dont get any notifications about changes to the 2.0.0 guide as its updated for some reason and havent found a way to set notifications for such a measure - and yes, ive strictly ensured all version of what is being used are 1.5.97 compliant.

Just to be clear - weeks ago i received instructions to 'exchange' mods that are not updated for AE with those that functioned still in SE until they are update - which predicates utilising 1.5.97 and not 1.6.xxx

EDIT: This all began because NET Script has not been updated for AE.

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