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Shifting Grass


I hope I didn't miss a post that has been resolved for someone else already, forgive me if it has but I did not see anything regarding this. 


Anyways, depending on the angle I look at some grass, it can shift between 1 or even 2 different grass textures and I have no idea why. To be more specific, the textures they turn into can sometimes be LODs or other grass types. It's not a consistent issue I get as it only every now and again. Saving and reloading fixes it but it's still kind of annoying and I would love to fix the issue if at all possible. 


For the record, I use Skyrim Flora Overhaul (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/141) and Northern Grass (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97408). I only use SFO for trees and the latter for grasses. It happens with all my brand new saves with newly generated DynDOLOD files.


EDIT - I edited my post.

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Here are some screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/nmDmA3x. Also, I feel like the LOD is a bit confused, because if you look at the first two images in my link, those are the textures it shifts between but when I reload, the last image is the grass I get.

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Grass is a shader and has no LOD. The LOD area starts beyond the loaded cells. No idea what any of this has to do with DynDOLOD?


As explained before, the DynDOLOD patcher copies the winning records from other plugins create the DynDOLOD plugins. Make sure the load order is final and works as desired before generating LOD.

If the load order changes, generate a new LOD from scratch.


Whatever the issues with grass, it is unlikely to happen just because already existing records have been copied to the DynDOLOD plugins.

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...Oh. Well, I'm definitely the idiot here and feel as such. I didn't know grass was just considered a shader. I figured it had something to do with LOD because it looks like it tries to turn into it but I wasn't sure so I thought it'd be wise to start asking here. Despite all that, it's helpful to know that it isn't DynDOLOD doing it and I can cross that off as possible causes. Forgive me for my ignorance and for wasting your valuable time. 

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      Optionally users can disable windy grass:
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