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MO2 Just stopped working, replaced with a white unactive window in taskbar


As the title, Mod organizer 2 just stopped showing i don't know for sure how since it's been working flawlessly since its install.


For context, I downloaded a proper amount of mods in Skyrim Special Edition, and they were working just fine. But, i suspect that i poked the wrong thing but i can't put my finger on what, maybe it's related to how i installed it:


- I chose the portable version and installed it in another partition of my disk. The same disk i use to download my steam games but on another folder.





- I wanted the MO2 to close when i launched SKSE so i tried to find the option for that but to no avail i did not find it just an option in the settings that i thought was it. I can't recall the option per sé but i know it was in the settings, and i think that was the culprit. But since i don't know much about how does the portable versus the normal install of MO2 differ then i might ask for help. Because when i launch from the SKSE desktop direct access (made with MO2) it works with all the mods in MO2


- But when i try to open MO2 it just loads a weird little window with a " ? " then it sits with a freaky white also unclickable window that i cannot access to use the MO2 as shown below.




I'll put here the .ini from MO2 if it's any help. I'm using windows 10. Thanks in advance for your time. Also i'm putting an effort to learn well how to manage these problems so your recomendations will not fall in deaf ears even if english is not my first language, thanks!




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It looks like it is getting stuck trying to connect to Nexus or your ModOrganizer.ini file may be corrupt.


Make sure MO is shut down and go into your instance/install directory and rename ModOrganizer.ini to ModOrganizer_old.ini and start MO again. This will be like running MO for the first time. Don't panic. You will have to go through selecting the portable version, game, possible Game_Name.ini read-only dialog (Skip) and "you are starting MO for the first time tutorial..." (skip).


Remember I said not to panic, your mods will be gone when MO starts up. Make sure you can use MO at this point. If you can all you have to do is open the settings window and point MO to your Downloads, Mods and profiles directories on the Paths tab and restart MO.


Let us know if this helps. 

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Thank you for replying, i fixed that by downloading MO2 again and making a clean install again, i'm not sure what caused it to behave like that but thank you very much for your time.

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