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LE: riften LOD problem DynDOLOD


When I create DynDOLOD, one of the walls of the riften always disappears.
I'm using CRF. Is that why?

And even if i activate the Occlusion of DynDOLOD, the smoke from Red Mountain Erupts mod (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/41561/) disappears from a certain angle.
Do you have any rules to add?



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Check with xEdit which plugin modifies the reference placing the wall or the base record the reference is using.


Why do you suspect Cutting Room Floor? Is it the last plugin to change the wall reference or the base record?


TVDT Occlusion data controls static terrain, object and tree LOD only. It does not affect IsFullLOD full models like clouds or the red mountain plume.


TVDT occlusion data is defined for an entire cell, not viewing angles.

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The files in LOD problem are crfwall06inner and crfwall06outer...
There is no mode to modify this record except CRF...

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Odd, those new base records do not define LOD models. 


Will be fixed next version.


Always a bit odd when mod authors do not keep LOD generation in mind.

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