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Random CTD only with ENB enabled


Hello, long time modder here with a problem I can't figure out.  I follow Lexy's LOTD for the most part with a good sprinkle of my own choices mixed in, ample PC specs (GTX 1080 TI), and I use NVT ENB with Obsidian weathers.  Game runs beautifully if ENB is simply disabled via shift-F12.  The instant I turn it on, it starts randomly crashing and seems to become more and more common as I play to the point that it is unplayable.  I had this on a build a couple of years back and switched ENBs and it oddly fixed it, not working this time though.  Have cleanly deleted and re-installed all ENB files, tried to troubleshoot any odd settings/mod interactions/ini files, etc.  Seems very odd as I have searched many sources and can't find any mention of similar problems from other people.


To be clear, it runs perfectly fine with ENB installed...just not when ENB is enabled.  I know this isn't an oft visited section of the forum but any ideas or pointers from anyone?

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Well, in case anyone else ever comes across this problem, I think I have figured it out.


Skylighting + Cloudshadows disabled = no crashes.  Both of them enabled = CTD within 2-3 minutes, every single time I tested it.  No idea why, might be unique to my set up (Obsidian weathers, various ENBs with the same results, loads of other mods but mostly the same as Lexy's LOTD), maybe I screwed something up with conflict resolution, I don't know.  Whatever the case, it works with those two options disabled.

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Thanks for sharing your problem and solution. I am sure it will help someone else out.

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      I'm following the STEP 2.0.0 guide and I just finished setting up ENB. The game worked perfectly prior to installing ENB but now the game crashes when ENB tries to compile shaders when running for the first time. I'm yet to run DynDOLOD and TexGen. Installing the ENB Light 0.98 Alpha 2 update file produced an error stating that the vanilla torch file was missing from the FOMOD installer stating that the mod might not work properly. Attached are my crash logs.
      System Specs:
      CPU: Ryzen 5 5600X
      GPU: RTX 3070
      RAM: 16GB
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      I use the STEP ENB (light) and which looks good and works well 99.9% of the time. But sometimes, when I move from an indoor cell into Skyrim, the graphics turn dark blue (during the day)  or black (at night). What I mean is, I can barely see the surroundings and lights are slightly more visible, but the screen is mostly a uniform blue or black color? This makes it impossible to see when you are going. Most of the time this is solved by going back indoors then back out. Yesterday however, I had to reload a save (not an autosave) to get it to turn normal again, losing progress.
      I haven't been able to reproduce this nor does it happen very often. I am just wondering if someone else is experiencing this and what could possibly be the cause? I know next to nothing about ENBs, so I am unable to troubleshoot this myself. I also forgot to take a screenshot of it. I will add one when/if it happens again.
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      What the title says, pic pretty much shows it all. Using Silent Horizons ENB.

      plugins.txt Load Order.txt
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