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DynDOLOD Beta for Skyrim Special Edition, Skyrim VR and Enderal SE 2.96

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19 minutes ago, Bluegunk said:

Thank you for your help. I think I have spotted what is going on in SSEEdit. I have a Billboard for Skyrim 3D Plants and Trees that has been superseded with the mod's incorporated LOD, in a different folder structure too. Dyndolod is pulling in the older, wrong model. :facepalm:

I'll go and sort this out, then let you know how much face-palming and head-hanging I had to do...

Existing LOD files in meshes or textures\terrain\[worldspace]\*.* do not affect LOD generation.

DynDOLOD always uses the "correct" folder and filename path convention for billboards first. Pay attention to the log messages about the billboards.

LOD assets do not affect full models.

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Shall do. I've tidied things up and done a re-run, but with exactly the same result. I'm calling it a day now (UK time) and will continue tomorrow.

I've never faced this particular problem before, and it is proving really hard to track down what is going on. On your advice, I'll trawl through the logs again tomorrow and see what is going on with these billboards.

Many thanks for helping. And also thanks for this awesome LOD generation tool. It never ceases to amaze me how cool it is, and the results are (normally) amazing. Until twits like me muck it up!

I'll let you know how it turns out. Cheers!

UPDATE: found the problem at last. SkyTest changes wind factors in the trees. It also uses vanilla tree models which were being picked up by Dyndolod. I decided to pull that mod and all is now good. I expect in previous play-throughs the tree mods loaded after it, which is why the problem didn't surface for me before.

Thanks for your time! I appreciate it. :thumbsup:

Edited by Bluegunk

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