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HDT Physics Extensions

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So I have recently downloaded a bunch of mods which you can see in the picture here ( https://imgur.com/cC6iYZt )after downloading these mods I run into multiple issue starting with the characters breasts being very large or somewhat misshaped as the picture shows here( https://imgur.com/DUO8YYW ) now I have tried multiple things to fix this issue, one of which involving installing "Realistic Ragdolls and Force" which does make the breasts smaller like they should be however another issue then appears as the picture shows here( https://imgur.com/H3UAxp0 ) now I have reinstalled all these mods multiple times and have shifted around the load order to see if that would fix the problem and nothing came of it. Now even if the other issues are resolved there is another issue in which when I crouch down or jump my characters breasts go into my body as the picture shows https://imgur.com/HHPgKXA  of course to get the physics to work I did the whole thing if BodySlide and that so I am not sure what is the problem with all of this. 



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