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Lock Overhaul (by Quad2Core)


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Discussion thread:

Lock Overhaul by Quad2Core

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This could be implemented as a replacement for current STEP mod: Breaking and Entering


It does the same thing and adds a couple more features:


Lock Requirements:

When this feature is activated locks get a skill requirement (depending on the type of lock and the settings you choosed). If you don't got the required amount of skill you have a 100% chance to fail picking the lock.


Smash Locks:

You are a Warrior type? Just enable this feature, get your weapon out and smash the next lock you pass by like a real man. Also Increases your weapon skill, toggles crime and more. In short it just acts like you would expect.


Unlock Spell:

If you enable this you will be grant with a Spell (Alteration), which manipulates the lock mechanism itself, causing the lock to open. (ofc only if you got the required skill)

Same as with Smash Locks, it toggles crime, increases your alteration skill and so on.


Auto Pick:

Gives you the option to automaticly pick the lock, it will consume lockpicks and increase your lockpicking skill (or fingersmith if skyre is installed). Uses the same settings as the feature: Lock Requirement.

Note I did not test this mod, however it's been recently recommended by Gopher, and I do trust his recommendation. I am going to try this in my new playthrough

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Well balanced (seems like a decent # of lockpicks used - has level limits on unlock spell/weapon hits). Highly configurable. No problems in any of my testing.


Question: Are we moving all gameplay altering mods (like Ars Metallica, etc) into packs instead of core? If so it's obviously a pack candidate.

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Question: Are we moving all gameplay altering mods (like Ars Metallica, etc) into packs instead of core? If so it's obviously a pack candidate.


This depends on how far away we see Packs actually taking form, and I'm not entirely sure.  I think some of the more "basic" gameplay mods such as this one, and in fact most current gameplay mods, should stay in Core STEP, but that's a discussion for another thread.
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Well I activated the mod and activated all of the features, but every time I activated a chest the lock interface would show. I could neither smash, burst, shoot, destroy nor fail to lockpick the chest. And what was really awkward: With Lockpick Overhaul active one chest I tried to open (novice lock) couldn't be opened because the right spot was out of the circle you can move your lockpick around! weeeeeird stuff indeed. Also I didn't get any active or failed messages (e.g. failed to open chest because skill too low...)

All this happened in the dungeon you get the golden claw from in the first level (after experiencing all those bugs I uninstalled lockpick overhaul). New save with all STEP mods enabled.

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Hmmm... It works fine for me. I can't think of any solution unfortunately, sorry!


Maybe something with load order? But if you have only STEP installed... Try clean Skyrim install with LO only maybe and see what happens, then add mods 1 by 1, maybe it's interfering with some other mod?

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Watch how you configure also.. if you set hard limits on lock picking it will NOT allow you to successfully pick a lock above your skill level.

That's why I said: I didn't get any erroneous messages: "Can't pick lock" "Can't break lock" etc. The mod seemed absolutely inactive AND it broke the mini game lockpicking in this case. Apparently I must have done something wrong, since otherwise the mod couldn't work for anybody, n'est-ce pas?
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