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Elianora is pulling ALL her mods from the Nexus

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Here's a link to the Reddit post where she outlines her reasons for doing so.


All STEP users should be aware of this because the underlying reason it is happening is due to pseudo-pirate sites like ModDrop that try and circumvent ownership of these mods.

The next time you come across a YouTube video or a guide on installing mod lists that encourages this sort of behaviour it is your obligation as a STEP member to call them out for piracy.


Also @Michael of GamerPoets has also created this to highlight the criminality of ModDrop.

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Well a new day and apparently she has reconsidered her stance and... they're back up.

I think this was a good case of mustering the troops around a banner and actually getting results. ModDrop still exists but it's 2 main supporters have backtracked due to the outrage from users and authors alike.


:clap:  ::D:  :clap:  ::):

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