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MO - Access is denied


Hello everyone,


I have been using MO on my old computer for a long time and never had issues with it. Few days ago I bought new rig. I installed windows/drivers/updates. I installed steam and games and MO.

When I try to start MO with any .exe file TESV, Launcher, SKSE I get "failed to spawn anyexefile.exe:failed to start process (Access is denied(5)). I checked and I got same thing on Oblivion exe files. I try find solution all over the place but so far nothing helps. What I can tell you is:


- Steam client is installed in C:/program files but steamapps with common and games is not. It's in separate folder on D:


- I currently have no antivirus or any such program installed


- I try run MO as administrator, I set all .exe files in compitability mods to always run as administrator.


I installed MO from Skyrim Nexus page. I tried both portable and install version. I changed noting in ini files. Everything is fresh copy. Please help me. I've been banging my head with this for hours and I have no idea what else to do.

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Just to add, I'm using Windows 7. Same windows, same copy I used on old PC where everything worked with no issues. I tried other buttons but nothing works. Loot, TES5Edit, no button when run from MO won't work. When I run manually (aka SKSE_loader.exe from Skyrim folder it works normally).

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I manage to resolve it. After hours of reading similar topics and trying all sort of common solutions like run as admin, check user privileges, check paths of MO keys and such I run on topic where some guy claimed he resolved same issue by removing some windows update. That was on Windows 10 mind you. Now, what I did I DON'T recommend to anyone. Do it only if you're desperate/frustrated like I was and on your own responsibility. I begin to remove windows updates. Not random one, I begin with security updates. I removed by the order they were installed from newest to oldest. Mind you this is windows 7 I'm working on so I didn't remove that update that guy was talking about. I was just pissed enough to give it a shot. I removed about 5 of them before windows asked me to restart. I did. I try run MO again and it worked. Since I removed 5 of them I don't know which one was causing issues. I can't even be sure it caused issues. Honestly f..k me if I know why it didn't want to work and why is working now.


I'm sharing this only so you know what desperate measures you can take if you run out of all common sense solutions. And maybe someone can take a look into this and try locate which (if any) updates is causing this problem. Cheers.

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Just so you know, MO should never be run with Admin privledges. You most likely end up with problems down the line.


MO should also be installed in a folder away from the systen UAC protected files. It can go into its own folder on the your main drive or another drive. You do not have to install it in the game folder to work. You will have to had run the game at least once from the launcher to set up registry values before running from MO.

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During the process, I tried to run it with and without admin privileges. First time without because on old PC it worked normally. I begin to apply admin privileges when issue was already present. MO was never installed with UAC files. Both Skyrim and MO were on :D drive during entire process. I installed and de-installed it multiple times. I put it in Skyrim folder once, outside second time but nothing helped. I also run Skyrim each time I reinstalled MO so everything can be properly set. Still nothing helped.


I watched multiple videos and read S.T.E.P guide concerning MO when I learned to use it. And as I said I've been using it long time now for both Oblivion and Skyrim so I'm familiar with most things that cause issues. This problem was something different.


I will later install back those updates I removed. One by one. I'm actually curious to see will problem reappear.

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Never run anything as admin. Any files that are written are given admin ownership, meaning you will not be able to make any changes to them while using your normal account.

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