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FNV oHUD(aHUD+iHUD) settings won't change, pls help


Everything works just fine, except for oHUD (more specifically aHUD+iHUD, Primary needs works just fine)

I can't change anything in aHUD; i can't uncheck radiation/HP/AP/Ammo/etc., i can't move anything, radiation is greyed out.

For iHUD, my UI is always open, i can change the settings but none of those settings actually apply.

Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition (Steam) (Installed NVSE)

Mod order goes:

Preorder Weapon Fixes Complete
New Vegas Enhanced Camera
PN-Extra Options
MCM (with grey fix patch)
Weapon Mod Menu
Darnified UI v4 (with config files tweaked)
oHUD (with Darnified Patch)

I'm at the end of my rope, i feel like i'm going crazy.
I've followed EssArrBee's guide to-the-letter, i searched around nexus forums, i've uninstalled/re-installed Darnified UI v4/MCM/UIO/oHUD various times in all the different types of ways i saw people like me were given advice (uninstall all UI mods+Load+Save+quit+reinstall/Uninstall all UI mods+load+save+quit+reinstall each UI mod one at a time and reload+save each time/etc.)

Please help me, i don't understand what the issue is.

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Make sure you enter the "Extra HUD" menu and check all the boxes to enable them.

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