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So I'm currently working my way through the S.T.E.P 2.10.0 for Skyrim and after each section (Characters, creatures etc)  I start up the game to make sure it doesn't immediately CTD from any mistake I made.

Well I currently just installedthe AmidianBorn Book of Silence part and after installed all of the separate packaging, patches, content addon.. I happened to start up Skyrim again out of curiosity to see the textures and literally every object is experiencing a form of zfighting and every shadow is growing/shrinking at random as I pan around.

This is no longer distance LOD flickering on the mountains as I occasionally have experienced on difference PC setups, but this is full on every single texture is virtually flickering and fighting with whatever is behind it.

I alt-tab to start this thread as I couldn't figure out what it was for the life of me, no google search matched the magnitude of the flickering/shadow glitching.  I turn on my Shadowplay to start recording.  Alt-tab back in...and the flickering stopped?

I have some minor zfighting on the mountains as you look past white run towards the Guard Tower, but I find that acceptable.  Is this something that may occur from me jumping into the game before all S.T.E.P and Bash patches are in place?

I"m going to start my cam up again and redo it all and see if I can replicate it.  I have never seen this before ever.  The shadowing on the roofs in Riverwood were just massive clumps of grey being slapped across with no real intention and the shadowing of some plants reminded me of the stripping seen in Breezehome on vanilla settings.

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Just tried to replicate it again and was unsuccessful.  I don't know how much this could have affected it, but when I initially started Skyrim.. 

I alt-tabbed at the title screen to turn on Afterburner and my custom fan profile. 


I tabbed back in and turned on my rivatuner monitor via F11 and then loaded up a cleaned save I created from vanilla skyrim and went in.


As soon as I got in game literally everything flickered intensely and then went extreme with shadows growing/shrinking just due to how I was pivoting my analog stick.

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