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Creation Kit not using LOOT's sorting


So I am converting a copy of Inconsequential NPCs to SSE. I have successfully saved the main plugin with CK and now I have to do the same for the Cutting Room Floor patch. My problem is, CK places the CRF patch higher in the LO than the main plugin. The LO CK is using seems to be based on Date modified. So I have managed to work around this by editing the patch in notepad (now it is the most recently modified file). Just figured I'd post this anyway in case this helps anyone.

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This page on the LOOT site explains how load order is determined in Bethesda TES and Fallout games. Until Skyrim the Bethesda game engines used the plugin file date, and the older TES and Fallout games still use date to determine load order. Wrye Bash/Flash can be used to manually change the plugin file date for TES and Fallout files as needed. Mod Managers typically take care of load order for the game engine, but not for the Creation Kit. The CK was never updated to use the "plugins.txt" file and still uses plugin file date.

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