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Audio issues


Hi there,


So, I finally made it through the setup and got into a new game! Yay me!


(BTW, no idea why, but my new character came into the game with a helmet on! Unable to take it off during character creation phase. Weird.)


Here are the issues with my audio:


1. I have to preset my volume on my computer up way high before entering the game as I have no ability, other than the in-game audio settings, to adjust the volume. Once in-game I can go in and fiddle with volumes. But that seems odd.


2.  The audio only comes out of my speakers...I am completely unable to hear anything through my headphones! @-@ Roommate will dislike super much!


Any hints as to these anomalies?



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Audio is on the hardware side of things. I'm able to use speakers or headphones without any issues. Make sure your audio drivers are up-to-date. That's all I can think of for that.


The helmet is linked to a specific mod, though I can't member which one. It happens at random, though. You can use race menu to change your look later. That's usually what I do when I encounter this.

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Thanks, again! I got the headphone thing working...well, just used my Bluetooth earbuds and it worked fine. :-) Now to figure out what to adjust to eliminate the little bit of stutter going on. And to let the creator of the Whiterun mod know that the cobblestones in front of the WR stables are not set to the ground! :-D

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      CPU Speed (GHz):3.4
      CPU Cores:4
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