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Half-finished, Vanilla CTDs on New

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I'm at section 2.I of the guide, just did the aMidian files, and decided to see for S&G if it would even load at this point. CTD after 7 seconds after hitting continue on my at-the-"Who Are You" intro. Okay, not surprising, so I load my clean save. CTD. I try New. CTD, I get to see Alduin for all of 5 seconds in the loading screens.


It might be that there's application patches at the end that would fix this, or it might be that I screwed up somewhere and completing it now would be futile. I just want to know if a vanilla, loading-nothing-but-skyrim.esm would crash at this point (maybe that xEdit cleaning needs a patch at the end?), or if I screwed up somewhere and ought to load my backup and start anew, being extra vigilant.


It's worth mentioning that it loaded just fine before any changes were made, so it was stable prior to this.


Thanks for reading. Oh, and my specs, if needed: https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Triaddraykin/SystemSpecs

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I think the easiest way to find out is to uncheck everything in the left pane. This leaves all the mods in place but disables them so they aren't see in the game. Now run through the intro with a new character to verify the vanilla game is working. If the game still crashes, use BethINI to clean the ini files and double check your settings in enblocal.ini. You might also verify the masters in the Skyrim/Data folder are unaltered.


Assuming this works fine, enable just the cleaned masters (Update, Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn) and run through the intro again. I suspect it's most likely the cleaned masters; if so, you can double click the cleaned mods in the left pane to remove the cleaned EMSs and run through the cleaning process once more and verify the game works.


Assuming everything works up to this point, check all the mods one section at a time and run through the intro again just to verify everything is good.

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