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DynDOLOD Error


[00:04:21.234] Exception in unit userscript line 322: Duplicate FormID [00009389] in file [89] DynDOLOD.esp


[00:04:21.234] Load entire load order in xEdit and check plugins for errors. Fix or remove plugins with errors.

[00:04:21.234] If problem persists, post error report with contents of ..\DynDOLOD\logs\DynDOLOD_TES5_log.txt to official forum https://forum.step-project.com/topic/5011-dynamic-distant-objects-lod-dyndolod


Got this error trying to generate DynDOLOD and got no results using TES5Edit. Wondering if there's an easy fix. Sorry if it's something obvious I haven't done with TES5Edit because I'm not at all familiar with it. Thanks

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