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Fallout 4 Mod List and Load Order Guide (BiRaitBec Modlist)

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This is just a import from the official Nexus Site mod page. All text bugs and issues will be fixed with the time being.
This Mod List and Load Order Guide is the fully detailed and explained process to achieve a Great Fallout 4 Modding experience at smooth fps and close to Bethesda's Fallout 4 Game Idea.

{-The Most Complete, Performance Friendly and Endorsed for Fallout 4-}


Click on the VOTE button near the Endorse one

 - This would be a great achievement after months of daily updating this project, and since we reached a great overhaul, i'd really like that more people at least try this.


 - Fallout 4 
 - All Dlcs (NO HD TEXTURE PACK) - To disable that HD Pack you just need to untick it from the steam library page, where all downloaded contents are displayed. It gives no balance between quality/performance. They are not such great textures to excuse such performance loss
Lets make a scheme:
Vanilla textures: 7/10 quality and 5/10 performance  - HD official pack= 7.7 and 3 - Texture Mods= 6.9 and 8
 - A Beginning Knowledge of Nexus Site, Mod Organizer/Nexus Mod Manager, Personal Folders Directories and Modding.


1) Modlist is in Order, Loot can be used only to make it sort masters (esm), plugins (esp) must stay in this order.

2) Overwrite Everything. if i don't say different.

3) Green Mods are a Must Have or Highly Recommended Mods that i want you to install if you follow this modlist. 

4) Orange Mods are Optional Recommended but that people can skip freely to enhance performance, stability or to play an intended way.

5) Do Not Install Everything! This Modlist is not meant to be installed All, start with Green mods if you don't know how much you can handle, and then if your performance stay high you can start with easy Orange mods, 1 or 2 per step, you can install more settlements mods over clothes mods and so on, more clothes over weapons. If you have a great pc system then try to install more. I Never Recommend to go over the 150 plugins, better around 130 or less.

6) Read the Official Mods Description to know how a mod works in-game, leave an endorsment to that mod if you loved it and donate that author if you can or want.

7) If you see not text near a mod then you just have to install the main file only, of your preference if there are more.

8) This Mod-List is tested and meant to be played on Survival Difficult. It may be unbalanced in Others.

9) Test the modlist each 2 steps to see if it's working. I recommend you to install my clean saves file, but they are meant only for graphic and performance preview.

10) If you have doubts or you are not sure what you doing, Just Ask, its better to improve modding knowledge and to avoid useless mistakes.

11) If your Comments are deleted, it means you are not under the Rules, see Sticky Post!

STEP 0: Tools and Optimization

 - Start with a clean Fallout 4 installation (So delete all mods you had, the Documents/My Games/Fallout 4 folder if you have that and verify game cache with steam. Open the game at least once. Then Optimize your game with geforce experience or a similar program. 
 - Download my Fallout4Custom.ini file in this page and extract it to Documents/My Games/Fallout 4 folder. Overwrite if you have one yet.

 - BethINI - Download the file and extract the BethINI folder into the Fallout 4 Main folder. Then open the application and select fallout 4 game. On the launcher tick the Recommended Tweaks, then select Medium Preset. Now untick the VSync option.
On Details tab Lens flare, bokeh and motion blur unticked. Go back to basic tab and select save and exit. These configuations present a medium general quality, to improve performance and to give more optimization, this doesn't mean you must play with medium quality of course. 

Even if i recommend the medium option, this doesn't mean you can't update. I recommend you to update the medium preset manually depending if in the end of your intended modlist you still have great performance. They are actually values that can be changed even during a saved game. 

 - Fallout 4 Configuration Tool - Download and install it. Then go to Fallout 4/Data folder and run the Fallout4ConfigTool.exe as administrator right clicking on it and selecting run as administrator. First times it will ask you to select the fallout 4 game exe and then select no when it wants to let you use a different launcher. Then Change these settings saving on the bottom of the application in each tab.

Tweaks Tab: Untick Enable Intro video so they are black,Tick the invalidate Archives so it is sky blue. Tick the fix sensitivity ratio and then tick the Auto Execute option and select the new entry Add..
In the opened window just copy these lines:

tMta ON
tMtrdfl ON 
tMtr ppld
thighprocess on
gr quality 3
gr grid 7
gr scale .4
cl rim 0.005
setfog 0 9999999999999999
setgs iTerminalDisplayRate 1200
setgs fWorkshopWireMaxLength 2200
setgs fGunShellLifetime 300
setgs fGunShellCameraDistance 25600
setgs iDebrisMaxCount 1000

Performance Tab: VSync= 0, inumHWThreads= your cores, Shadow LOD= 192, High Priority Ticked. Radial blur unticked.
UI Tab: Disable fx ticked and then your colour preferences.
Save the file on the bottom of the application and then exit.

 - FO4edit - Create a FO4edit Folder into Fallout 4 Main one, then download the main file and extract content in the created folder. Copy FO4Edit.exe and rename it to FO4EditQC.exe. Run FO4EditQC.exe and tick only the DLCRobot.esm, click ok. FO4Edit will now automatically clean the ESM. When it finishes double left click on the upper right corner icon, near FO4Edit 3.2 title, untick backup plugins option and select ok. The window will close and the file will be saved. Do the same for DLCWorkshop01.esm, DLCCoast.esm, DLCWorkshop02.esm, DLCWorkshop03.esm and DLCNukaWorld.esm Files. One By One, selecting only that file you working on.

The above description was edited by administrators to reflect current xEdit usage.

 - LOOT - Download the LOOT.installer.exe and install it. 

 - Nexus Mod Manager - Download it and install it. During installer select a Language, i accept option, next, an hard drive destination folder, next, next, install, next and finish. Wait for it to search your games then select all green ticks in all games you see that, then click ok and select Fallout 4, click ok in the window and finish in the other. In the prompted Windows you get just click ok or yes.

You can watch these Videos by Gopher to know more about Nexus Mod Manager.

 - F4SE - Download the 7z archive and extract content in desktop. Inside the folder f4se_0_04_02 you have to copy the files CustomControlMap, f4se_1_9_4.dll, f4se_loader and f4se_steam_loader to the Fallout 4 Main Directory.  Then right click on Scripts folder inside the f4se_0_04_02/Data folder and select add to an archive if you have winrar and rename it with F4SE. Now Drop the F4SE archive into NMM and Install it then.Now Everytime you want to play the game you must launch the f4se_loader in your main fallout 4 directory. To make things easier you can right click on it and select send to-> desktop option. After that you can change the ugly icon just right clicking on it and then selecting property. In property window select change icon and in the search bar look for the official fallout 4 .exe file, then select it. Now you'll have the f4se launcher in the desktop and with a proper icon.

 - Nvidiainspector - Download and extract the folder on desktop. Open the nvidiaInspector.exe and if there's a blue coloured phrase regarding a new update click on it. When in driver version line the icon is green, it means the application is up to date. Click on that icon, in Profiles tab scroll down searching Fallout 4 and click on it, Now Download my Nvidia Inspector file and extract it in desktop, click on the icon with an Arrow looking down and select import Profile(s) option. Select my file, then on the upper icons line search for the one with a little green plus, and add the f4se_loader from Fallout 4 Main Folder. Apply changes on the upper right corner of the application and close Nvidia Inspector.

 - enbseries 0.311 - Download the file and extract just the d3dcompiler and the d3d11 files located in the wrapped folder to the fallout 4 Main Folder. 

 - Shadow Boost - Download Shadowboost and extract the files inside bin folder to the fallout 4 Main Folder
Then open shadowboost.ini and set:


 - Nvidia Debris - Download my file and extract it to the fallout 4 main folder overwriting the old one.

 - Dof Removal - During Installer pick the default option
 - Achievements

STEP 1: Textures Optimization

Guide Video (it may be outdated, Always read the text below).

 - Download My WorkBase File and extract it somewhere. If you don't have the Archive2 exe working, then you need to manually install this update on Windows.

 - Performance Textures - Download all 15 main files manually and extract each one into WorkBase/OriginalBa2 folder.
 - Optimized Textures Repack - Download it from my files and install it.
 - Texture Optimization Project - Download both main and optional file, extract the textures folder in each file in order into Fallout 4/Data folder.
 - Grafix Textures Overhaul - Download both main and optional files. This one counter the some visual loss you may have if you don't install this, but the performance you'll gain will be less.
Actually without this mod you'll have around 10 gb of textures, with this mod 14 gb, original 17,5 gb.

 - Now Delete the Textures/AnimObjects folder and the Textures/Actors/Character folder in Fallout 4/Data folder.

 - Various Textures Repack - Download it from my files and install it.
 - Crows and Creatures- During installer select: crows, cat, seagulls and then boatfly.
 - Delightful Deadfish
 - Delightful Ivy - Download Rusty Brown for vanilla grass, or olive green for True Grass in step 13.
 - FAR - Download the default file, after installing Open my WorkBase/Archive2 file and drop the FAR - Textures.ba2 located in Fallout 4/Data to Archive2 window. Then select archive tab, extract all to.. and select the Fallout 4/Data folder.
 - CC's HQ Quarry Textures - Download the main file and install it.
 - Fallout Texture Overhaul Moons
 - Fallout Texture Overhaul PipBoy -During Installer pick a colour, a size, then select, screen black, then map and no shine options.
 - Fallout Texture Overhaul PowerArmors - Download all three files choosing from 2k or 4k.
 - Fallout Texture Overhaul Stars
 - Retextured First Aid Kits
 - Clean Power ArmorHUD
 - ScratchMade Combat Shotgun and Rifle
 - ScratchMade Double Barrel Shotgun
 - The Lavish Laser Collection
 - The Top-Notch Tommy Gun 
 - The Meritable Minigun
 - The Delightful Deliverer
 - The Radical Ripper- Download the newripper main file and install it.
 - Darker Power Armor Frame - Download the main file and extract the textures folder into the Fallout 4/Data folder.

 - Now just copy the textures folder in Fallout 4/Data folder to the WorkBase/PatchedFiles folder. 

 - Run the installer file on my WorkBase Folder and wait for it to finish. Then close the prompt and copy the files in Fallout 4 Optimized/PatchedBa2 folder to Fallout 4/Data folder.

 - Delete the textures folder and the 2 FAR files inside Fallout 4/Data folder. 

 - Now its like a clean Fallout 4 but with most textures yet included.

STEP 2: Base Mods

 - Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch 
 - Concealed Armors - Delete the ArmorKeywords.esm from the Fallout 4/Data folder, close NMM and open it again.
 - Concealed Armors Dlcs Patch
 - Armor and Weapon Keywords Community (AWKCR) - During Installer pick the All Dlcs version. 
 - Armorsmith Extended - Download the 3.31 main file, the 3.32 incremental update file and the All Dlcs Patch file. Install them in order.
 - Visual Reloaded 

 - CBBE - Download and install both main and optional file. During installer you can choose your preference in the first 2 sections.
 - Just a hairy male body - Choose 1 main file.

 - Personal Vertibird Flight Fix - Download the Far Harbor main file and install it.
 - Realistic Death Physic - Download and install the All Dlcs main file. 
 - Companion Stealth Distance Fix 


STEP 3: User Interface

 - DEF_UI - During installer on second panel select DEF_HUD and DEF_INV optins, 1 Language and Screen Ratio based on your preferences. In the next panel select Use Sorting Mod Component Tags and Vanilla Hud, in the fourth panel select I already have sorting xml files. Now, if you want, Download and install my HUD preset in files tab, under miscellaneus section.

 - Valdacil's Item Sorting -Download the main file, the Armor by Slot and Cosmetics by Class update files. Install them in order. During the Installer in second panel choose Val's pick (Dlc Version - Vanilla Weight) and in the third just DEV_INV All. 

 - Gold Kit for Color Pipboy - After installing it close nexus mod manager and open it again. Tick the plugin on plugins tab if it's not.
 - Updated ICONLIBS2 for DEF_UI - Choose colored option during installer. 
 - Full Dialogue Interface - Choose the main file and the Update Files of your Language. During Installer choose a style for the Language you want.

 - HUDFramework - Download both main file and def_ui compatibility patch. Install them in order.
Immersive HUD

 - Nameplates
 - Better warning for settlements being attacked 
 - Quick Trade

 - Subjective Dialogue Camera

 - Silent Protagonist 

STEP 4: Audio

 - Quieter Settlements - Download and install the All-in-One optional file
 - Towbie's Realistic Weapon Sound
 -  P.A.M.S. - Use the light version. 
 - Reverb and Ambience Overhaul - Download the all dlcs main file and the True storms plus far Harbor and nuka world miscellaneous file. Install them in order



STEP 5: Gameplay

 - Unbogus Fallout All-In-One - Download both main files and install them in order.
 - Better Companions 
 - Everyone's Best Friend 
 - Critical Hits Outside of VATS Revisited 
 - Power Armor Storage System 
 - Take Cover
 - Better Generators - Download the 2x main file and install it.
 - Crafting Mastery - During Installer select Custom.. and base + all dlcs options. In the next panel select all dlcs options, hard ammo crafting, legendary and yes. In the last panel choose yes.

STEP 6: Player & Npcs

 - LooksMenu
 - LooksMenu Customization Compendium 
 - Picturesque Presets
 - Misc Hairstyles and Beards - Download the 2 files at the bottom of the page and extract them to Data folder. Then rename the MoreHairstyles4Female to MoreHairstyles4Female4.1 and MoreHairstyles4Male to MoreHairstyles4Male3.1. Close Nexus mod manager and open it again.
3rdPerson Beard Fix
 - Appealing Moles -
Download the yennifer variants optional file only.
 - The Eyes Of Beauty - Download the standalone edition with fixes custom lashes and install it
 - Eye Normal Map Fix - Download and install the optional file only.

 - Lots More Facial Hair
 - Lots More Male Hairstyles
 - Lots More Female HairStyles

 - Commonwealth Cuts - Download both main and fixes files. Install them in order.
 - Ponytail Hairstyles  - Download the ba2 file

 - Immersive Mouth and Teeth - During Installer pick a size, then option 1, 2 and 3, then the fix.
 - Deluxe Makeup - Download both files and install them
 - Wasteland Salon 
 - Better Settlers - Download and install the Dlcs Master fomod file. During installer select bettersettlers.esp, no lollygagging, clean faces, better settlers default, vanilla, community hair and clothing, and the mortal pack.
 - FOFW ReDUX - During Installer Select the All in One alternate hair option.

 - Captivating Companions - Download the Misc Hair (Cait with No Tattoos) optional file and install it.
 - Immersive Mama Murphy - Download the concept art with blind eyes main file and install it.
 - Piper Natural Mom
 - Shadow Husky - Download the texture replacer file and install it
 - Floppy Eared Dogmeat - Download the one eared file
 - Valentine REBORN -Download Blue eyes version and install it.
 - Sexy Hancock -During installer pick bearded, ruddy and coat.
 - Live Action Mr. Handy - Download the With iris and Glowmap - repack main file and install it.
 - Retextured Super Mutants
 - Heather Casadin

STEP 7: Clothes & Accessories

Eli's Armour Compendium - Download the CBBE main file only

 - Sleeveless Outfits - Download the Sleeveless Outfits file and extrac content of CBBE archive into Fallout 4/Data folder. Close NMM and open it again. Activate the esp on plugins tab.

 - Mercenary pack - Download both 0.9b and 0.9c main files and install them in order.
 - Tomb Raider Outfits  - Download and install the CBBE file.
 - Tomb Raider Accessories 


 - Wearable Backpacks - Download the main and update files. During installer pick all options. 


 - West Tec Tactical Optics 
 -  Tactical Flashlights - During Installer left offset and alternate options, then choose 150% with no shadows. 

 - K-9 Harness - Download the second main file and the armorsmith plus def_ui optional file. Install them in order

STEP 8: Factions

 - Synth Overhaul - Download a main file. During installer pick Synth overhaul - Complete in first panel, in second pick AWKCR + AE option and in third pick the black or White and the Remove level Requirements.

 - Raider Overhaul - Download the main file and install it.
 - Restored Content - Download the full file and the original armor texture optional file. Then delete or untick all plugins about Raider Overhaul - AE Patch in nexus plugins tab.
 - VIS Patch - Download the file named fomod and install it. During installer pick the Restored - AE option.

 - Brotherhood of Steel kit

STEP 9: Weapons & Gadgets

 - Visible Weapons
 - Just Visible Holstered Weapons
 - Holsters and Sheats - Download the optional file and install it.
 - M9 Pistol
 - The Widow Shotgun
 - See-Through-Combat Scopes - During Installer tick Add Scopes, both Dlcs expansions and No lenses, in the next panel select take cover option if you have installed that mod.
 - Canteens of the Commonwealth - During Installer select valdacil patch and then hardcore patch.
 - PreWar Binoculars - During installer pick AWKCR binoculars option and standard viewfinder

 - Visible Weapons Extended - Download the main file and install it. During installer select the all in one option.
 - 9x39 Project 
 - AK74M 
 -  OTs-33 Pernach
 - Mosin Nagant - Download and install the Scrip Reload main file only.
 - RU556 
 - Russian Recon Pack
 - SigSauer P220 
 - Steyr AUG A1 
 - SVT-40 - During Installer pick the AWKCR and VIS option.
 - Visual Reload Patch - Download and install the: 9x39 Project, AK74M, OTs-33, RU556, SVT-40, Sig Sauer P220 and m9.

STEP 10: Animations

 - Automatic Lowered Weapons
 - Laser weapons 1st person reposition
 - Pistol Reanimation Pack- Download one main file, recommended the 2 handed one.

 - Alternate Walk Animation - Download the all in one main file and the alternate main file. Install them in order.
 - Stay Focused Son 
 - Power Armor Animation Changes- During Installer choose quick exit, quick enter and heroic empty stance. 

 - Smokable Cigars and Cigarettes

STEP 11: Visual Improvements

 - Enhanced Blood Textures - Download the basic main file and during installer select the last 2 options in first panel.
 - Eyewear and mask retexture 
 - Retextured Chems
 - Langleys HD ReTextures Project

 - Immersive Vendors 
 - Better Cooking Stations - Download the main file and the Far Harbor plus Nuka World Patch. Install them in order.
 - Components Redone

 - Laser Bolt FX - Download the fixed file and during installer choose main, then in normal colours pick red.
 - CROSSCrit Gore- Download both main file and reduced smoke optional file. Install them in order.
 - Vanilla Weapons HD - Download both main and optional file. Install them in order.
 - The Pristine Cryolator
 - The Fancy Fatman- Download the newfatman main file and install it.
 - The Fantastic Forty Four
 - Gauss Rifle Retexture - Download all the files and install them in order.

STEP 12: Settlements

 - Homemaker - Download the optional file only and during installer select all options.
 - SimSettlements and Industrial Revolution 
 - Thematicand Practical - Download main and optional nuka world file. Install them in order.
 - Campsite - Download both main and AWKCR  Patch optional file, install them in order.
 - Snappy HousKits
 - Snappy DLC Kit - Download the 2.0 version main file for snappy dlc kit.
 - All settlements Extended  - Download the first main file and install it.
 - All Settlements Extended - Far Harbor


STEP 13: Environment

 - True Storms - Download the main file and the Nuka World addon with Far Harbor compatibility. Install them in order. During installer select Far Harbor, then select next till the end.
 - Darker Nights - Download both main and optional files, install them in order. During installer select level 5, then both dlcs and true storms option, then level 5, one colour and weaker options.

 - WET - During Installer select Clearer and WET Rain options.
 - Wetness shader fix - During Installer choose level 2 and vanilla.

 - True Grass - After installing it open the Fallout 4/Data/TrueGrass.ini file and change iMinGrassSize=40 to have more performance and a still vanilla looking grass amount. If you appreciate more green grass, then lower the size, but it will be heavy in performance. 20 is default.

 - Better Workshop Lights - During Installer select All in One only option.
 - Vault-Tec Workshop Overhaul 
 - Enhanced Lights and FX - During Installer select everything.

 - Place Everywhere 
 - Scrap Everything - Download the Main File, the Ultimate update file and the Building Placement Fix optional file. Install them in order. During Installer select only the last ultimate edition option in first panel and only the first two options in second panel.

 Radrose Usability Enhancement - Download the main file and install it. During installer Just click next till end.

STEP 14: ENB & Graphic 

 - Enhanced Color Correction- Download the original main file and install it.

 - Vogue ENB - Download the main file and extract all the content of VOGUE ENB folder into Fallout 4 Main directory.
 - ENB Tweaks - Download my file and extract content into Fallout 4 Main folder.
To have more performance open the enb menu in-game with the Shift + Spacebar, and untick the DepthOfField line. If  you still not have a good performance then SSAO line. These 2 features are fps eater, even if especially the dof one i tried to make it the most performance friendly and quality good looking.

STEP 15: Last Optimization

Use this section only if you still suffer performance or you want more fps

 - Insignificant object remover - During installer choose Full. 
 - Clean Mess Removal - Download the all in one main file and during installer choose all.


Leave an Endorsement to these mods and kudos to authors.
They kindly shared their work to make installation process easier and faster for all.

 Optimized Textures - Repack:
 - Westeland 512 Textures Reloaded by darthanimal
 - Optimized Vanilla Textures by MysticalFlare

 Various Textures - Repack:
 - Vivid Fallout Landscapes - Trees - Roads and Bridges - Rocks by Hein84
 - Vault 111 Exit 2K Retexture by shyzofreny
 - Wasteland Creatures Redone by DOOMBASED and stabcops
 - Bottles Labels Overhaul, Grey Tortoise Cigarette Overhaul by BlastoLho
 - Rusty Fridge Retexture by CorenseWolf
 - Less shitty industrial wall lights by Ablaze666
​ - Black vertibird by akalor
 - All Weapons HD, Evil Institute HD by bLaCkShAd0w
​ - More Realistic Pipe Weapons by AlexSlesh
 - Tapeless Hunting Rifle Stock by Rakul
 - Assault Rifle Retexture AR-51 by DeviousMeth0ds
 - Improved holotapes, Improved Road Signs, HD Item Retextures, Improved Flags, by ClearanceClarence
 - Suitcase Texture Replacer by wscottling and OpusGames 
 - Pool Table HD, Monkey Trap HD, Camo Trapper Armor by mm137
 - Proto VaultSuit by nitronizer
 - Combat Armor Retexture by Leyr  (As of perms tab in this mod i can include it since there's no money gain, if you want it removed PM me)
 - Ammo Retexture by jorhadoq

ENB by Boris Vorontsov
MasterEffect and DOF by Marty McFly


Edited by TechAngel85

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Great guide! Thank you so much. i think its the first time ive had a fallout 4 moded experience without crashing to desktop every 30 minutes!


Started two days ago ( from nexus) have 15 hours played and all goes really well ( even with the 187 plugins installed, going against your advice here ;) ) and added just a small mod to hack terminals)


Instructions were clear, just skipped the 2 nvidia steps ( ATI here ). My only question is regarding loot. What is the best way to just order esm's and leve the esp alone. Wasnt able to find any info online about this and would like to add a mod or two aditionaly!


great work and thanks again!

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Well, i don't think you need to load order that much, everything is working like it should. Tough many people like to have ESM files at the beginning of load order. 


What i suggest you is to use LOOT if ever you wanna order properly. So that all the ESM plugins get ordered at the best.


LOOT anyway, is really a mess on huge modlists, like this one, so i never suggest to leave completely the automatic order from LOOT.



So you should sort everything with LOOT, then close and open again Nexus mod manager if you have it opened during LOOT sorting. This way on the plugins tab, on the left side of nexus mod manager window, you have all the plugins ordered as LOOT said. 


Leaving the ESM plugins you should manually order all plugins you see as my modlist. So there's a plugin from a mod? i put it in that exact same order as shown. 


It will take a bit, you can even not use loot and manually set ESM plugins only at the beginning of the load order. So you just select the esm you have to order and you bring him up at the bottom of the esms you see at the beginning.

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Thank you very much for the fast answer!

Ill continue checking the nexus on forum!


Once again tks and good job!

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This is a great guide.  I'm using it currently, and it's very stable.  It's also easy to expand upon, as I've added about 3-4 dozen extra mods after making sure everything was kosher, and so far I've seen only very minor issues, all from my added mods.

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Thanks, of course, since i cannot update the mod list in this site, i recommend you to visit the nexus link the top of the page and see the updated one in there.

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Really nice to see this guide. Will go through the updated one on Nexus tonight, using Mod organzer 2 instead of NMM :)

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Great guide BiRaitBec, I'm installing it now with MO2 without any problems so far.

A small note - you forgot to include Looks Menu in the updated version in Step 4.1


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no its not forgotten.


After some time i decide to do a slimming version of the modlist, till 5.0 and there happened that i just kept the essential.


The 5.0 version is coming really soon and has it included. i ll probably post a new updated topic in here aswell when it will be released.


stay tuned.



For MO2, no problem at all, i think NMM do the work really easily and i never had problems with it. Soon will be released the new vortex, sequel of nexus mod manager, and we hope for the better.

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Really enjoying this mod setup, but of course I ignored your suggestion of !>170 mods, haha. I just can´t help myself, and I´ve basically gone through 3000 mods on nexus looking for things that sounded neat. if after a couple of play hours don´t have any glaring issues I´ll post my setup. Using mod organizer and it works stellar. MergePlugins is vital for huge modlists, too:P

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