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No Irileth at End of Bleak Falls Barrow; Can't Start Dragon Rising; SOLUTION


Hi everyone, I just started my Skyrim playthrough and just completed Bleak Falls Barrow.  However, after turning in the Dragonstone, Irileth didn't interrupt and talking to the Jarl results in a "Not Now!"  After scouring the internet for a solution, it looked like the only answer was to restart with the different/no mods and pray that it didn't happen again.  Not very hopeful...


So I decided to use my new xEdit skills and check what mods where modifying the quests.  It turns out that the quests are modified by Not-So-Fast Main Quest!  That made me load up the game and look at the mod's MCM menu, and what do you know - by default "First Dragon Sighting" doesn't occur for 6 days if you have this mod installed!  I confirmed this on the mod's nexus page.


So it looks like if you have Not-So-Fast MQ installed, this is not a bug but rather intentional to give you several days to do side quests and the like.  Not don't know if there is a similar vanilla bug, but looking at the google search results there may be dozens, if not hundreds of individuals like me who made the same mistake.  So I thought I would post this here on the STEP forums to help anyone else looking into this.  Also, I don't know if the mod author, cdcooley, is on these forums, I recommend adjusting the quest completion text of Bleak Falls Barrow to say something like "I should give Farengar sometime to research the Dragonstone" rather than just saying that "the Jarl will reward me." I think the author just forward the BQO text by default, which is kinda misleading here.

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