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Morrowind Mod Guide Compendium

I have been going through many different sources in the last few days to find the perfect modding guide that will modernise Morrowind. Below are many written and video modding guides that new or experienced users can follow to create a perfect gaming experience on this ageing gem of a game.


I will try to keep this list of links updated as frequently as possible and I hope that other users will help add to this list to create a large depository of mod guides for Morrowind. 


Written Guides


1. Morrowind Today

    [by danjb] - [Link]

    [Guide last edited: 12th July 2016]


2. (Re)installing Morrowind

    [by Life in Ink and Pixels] - [Link]

    [Guide last edited: 1st May 2017]


3. Guide: A Modern Morrowind

    [by Step users] - [Link]

    [Guide last edited: 11th July 2017]


4. Gluby's Guide to a Modded Morrowind

    [by Gluby] - [Link]

    [Guide last edited: 11th October 2009]


5. Morrowind 2017 : Cynderal Edition

    [by Cynderal] - [Link]

    [Guide last edited: 15th February 2017]


6. Morrowind - An Alternative to MGSO

    [by Anthony Dotson] - [Link]

    [Guide last edited: 10th November 2015]


7. GeeTee's Favourite Morrowind Mods

   [by GeeTee] - [Link]

   [Guide last edited: 23rd February 2017]


8. Tomorrowind 2016

   [by Povuholo] - [Link]

   [Guide last edited: 17th January 2016]


9. Morrowind Modding Guide

   [by cml33] - [Link]

   [Guide last edited: 9th March 2013]


10. Morrowind Mega Modding Manual

      [by Ashlandroadwarrior] - [Link]

      [Guide last edited: ?]


Video Guides


1. Modding Guide for New Players - "Modernising Morrowind"

    [by Zaric Zhakaron] - [Link]

    [Uploaded: 1st August 2015]


2. Modernising Morrowind

    [by GamerZakh] - [Link]

    [Uploaded: 3rd May 2017]










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Written Guide


11. 30 Minute Modding

      [by dac0152] - [Link]

      [Guide Last Edited: 2nd March 2017]


12. Beginners Guide

      [by Morrowind Modding Wiki] - [Link]

      [Guide Last Edited: 1st April 2015]

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Thank you for this list. I'm a newcomer to Morrowind from other TES and FO games. I've come across n.3 and am currently following n.6, which someone told me is gorgeous from a graphical stand point. Being from 2015 you'd expect some things to be outdated or broken, but for the most part, they aren't. Just do a search for the latest python dev. (or standalone if you prefer) Wrye Mash v.87 which has many bug corrections over v.84 linked to in the guide. And this guide, despite being of very few words, does teach you a thing or two about working with BAIN.

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