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ERROR: Worldspace object bounds added by WARZONES - DLC - Assault Attack.esp for [0000001C] Tamriel outside +- 128 cells.


Ok so I understand that the fix to this problem can be found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59721/?tab=4&&navtag=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Fskyrim%2Fajax%2Fcomments%2F%3Fmod_id%3D59721%26page%3D1%26sort%3DDESC%26pid%3D0%26thread_id%3D2260939&pUp=1


Sheson's beautiful FAQ (which I very much appreciate btw). But I couldn't fix it this way as some of the stuff Sheson told me to find were missing. This is clearly a problem with WARZONES - Assault Attack (WZAA), I have read on the nexus page for WZAA that it is incompatible with DynDOLOD however when I try to deactivate WZAA and then run DynDOLOD it says something along the lines of: "WARZONES - DLC - Assault Attack.esp cannot be found" and then from what I understand it's basically saying that it cannot continue without it activated, This happens even when WZAA is uninstalled. So basically I cannot run DynDOLOD at all. I have reverted to my old DynDOLOD plugins which at that time I didn't have WZAA so it worked. The tutorial for using WZAA with DynDOLOD can be found here: https://warzones.skyrim.modunion.com/warzones-assault-attack/compatibility-wzaa-dyndoload/


It states this: "f you are about to generate your DynDOLOD, simply EXCLUDE WZAA from the mod-list you are creating or do so before including WZAA into your load-order."


I am not sure what the author of WZAA means when he says "EXCLUDE WZAA from the mod-list you are creating" does he mean do something in DynDOLOD to stop it loading the WZAA esp file or does he simply mean to uninstall WZAA but I cannot because the error comes up.


Thanks in advance

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Ok, so I uninstalled WZAA. Then it had the error from before but I read it a little more today cos it was late last night when this happened and I couldn't be bothered so I went to bed, but it said something about Dual Sheath Redux Patch needing WZAA master to load before it. So I uninstalled the patch intending to rebuild it once I had sorted out my problem with DynDOLOD and then another error came up stating: "Duplicate FORMID [0001A275] in file [9B] DynDOLOD.esp

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Ok I eradicated that error and tried to run the tool again and now this appears (which is another version of the error in the title): "

ERROR: Worldspace object bounds added by WARZONES - DLC - Assault Attack.esp for [0000003C] Tamriel outside +- 128 cells.


How do I fix this!? I uninstalled WZAA and this is appearing!?

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