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Skyrim Redone in 2017


Hello.  As the topic title suggests, I aim to use Skyrim Redone in my game.  As SkyRe stopped being maintained some time ago, and many mods that used to maintain compatibility with it have since updated, there are quite a few opportunities for issues to arise.  I already have everything else in my load order where I want it; SkyRe will be my last endeavor in modding Skyrim to my liking, until more Beyond Skyrim stuff drops (in which case I'll have to move on to Special Edition anyways  :cry: ).  My load order can be found here.  As far as I am aware, I have all the patches necessary for making this work; I've got the USLEEP swap masters script installed to TES5Edit, all standalone unofficial patches, the fix for Immersive Armors v8, etc.  I just need someone to help guide me through this, as I've no clue where to start.  Should I run the reproccer first?  Bashed patch?  Swap the necessary masters (there are a couple others than the standalone unofficial patches, since some updates rendered certain plugins with different names than some skyre patches call for)?  When I make a bashed patch, should I merge the other patches into it, or just mess with the leveled list as Dirty Weasel Media did in this video?  And so forth.  It's a lot of prep work, and a tad overwhelming.

Thanks in advance!

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