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MO 2 and Bethesda mods from their site.


Hi today i wanted to install the unofficial fallout4 patch. I only found that patch on the bethesda  mods site.  I downloaded that mod  and in fallout 4 settings "mod" i enabled that mod.

Here i got aware that i had already some of their mods installed. I found like 10 of these mods enabled.


Now how does MO2 handle these mods  ,( i think MO cant handle these because they are not installed through MO).

Here is the problem..... Those Bethesda mods are directly written to the Fallout 4 data folder.  But how can i manage the load order  when MO cant see those mods?

And if a Bethesda mod conflicts with a MO2 installed mod what to do?


THX for help

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Yes, it's true that mods downloaded via the Bethesda.net platform won't be managed by Mod Organizer, however, MO reads the non-virtual Data folder just fine, which is where any Beth.net plugins will land, so you can still see them in MO and be able to move them around in your load order.


One of the major benefits of MO is how it can keep a clean Data folder. This is not possible per se when using Beth.net to get mods, but OTOH, all Beth.net mods will be neatly packaged with "ModName.esp" and "ModName - Stuff.ba2" files, so the clutter from a ton of mods with loose files overwriting each other is not really a thing for Beth.net mods, so if you manually wish to remove something, you can just delete "My Awesome Mod.esp" and any "My Awesome Mod - *.ba2" files in the Data folder.


PS. The UFO4P is also available on Nexus among other places: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/4598

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Thanks for clearification......


as for the patch i found it on nexus yesterday  somehow my search on that patch was not going well and only showed other unofficial stuff ,,   but on a different computer it worked ...



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