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Need help with DynDOLOD trees issue


So I moved from SFO to EVT but now I'm having some "vanishing" trees problems.

While I'm moving around tress will lod trees will disappear and there will be no tree where the lod was.


Apparently this could be a billboard issue.

I have the EVT billboards installed but no other billboards as far as I know.


I also have STEP Core. Could that be the issue?


Here is a picture of the issue: 


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You need to generate tree LOD for the current load order and make sure it is not overwritten by other mods.

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Can Dyndolod/TES5LODgen read **.txt inside BSAs?

I mostly pack all my mods in BSA.


Ps: I know Dyndolod will load all properly installed bsas files and ignore MO manage BSAs so I always keep dummy.esps activated

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The current version does not read the billboards *.txt OR *.ini files in BSA. This just came up a couple weeks ago.


The next version will.


I'll keep those loose for now!

Thanks for the help!


Oh my issue was fixed by removing mode Distinct Skyrim Landscapes(not sure if I can post the link here)

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    • By osteal
      First of all, thanks for the fantastic tool.
      I was originally using skyrimvr without dyndlod. Simply increasing ugridtoload was enough to me. I use Skyrim Flora Overhaul 2.72D 

      I then used the tool 2.88 (after reading the manual for normal, se , vr twice + the full video). I imported the billboards, generated everything, added the scripts and everything worked fine, I could see windows glow, candles and other buildings further away than ever. That was great. But I realized, that the trees were much uglier than before as soon as I looked further than my Grid, and that when I got close to them, I was able to see them slowly phase from LOD to real trees (checkerboard  effect).

      I first thought I miss configured the billboards. I added the 3d LOD and billboards for 2.72D instead of the indistinguishable vanilla trees, and increased the size form 256 to 1024. The LOD were indeed closer to reality, but I still was able to : see them as fake in the distance + see them phase out as I get closer.

      When not using DynDoLOD, trees (even super far away from were terrain is generated, like the other side of start lake or top of mountains) are still full real trees. It's like the base game with SFO is not using LOD for trees. My FPS is super acceptable, so I would like to keep these trees + use DynDoLOD to be able to add distant buildings and co LODs. 
      In the advanced options, I set 'full' mesh'  for LOD4, LOD8, LOD16 for '/tree' and both selecting or unselecting 'Generate tree LOD' in the hope that tree would remain 'vanilla SFO', but they keep getting replaced by billboard/low res 3d models in game.

      TLDR: What is the correct way to use DynDoLOD for everything BUT trees?

      dyndolod_on: you can see billboard next to real tree
      dyndolod_off_ok: you can see that even far away trees look perfect (if you can , due to upload limit, resolution is trash)

    • By Lonewolf
      Nexus Link
      The Vanilla Vegetation Overhaul improves textures of trees, plants and grasses, but tries at the same time to keep a very vanilla-like look. This mod does change textures of tree branches, most plants and grasses and also adds new grasses for more variety.
      Since there is no "grass only" version of SFO for Skyrim SE, when i saw this mod i thought that it would be the perfect replacement in case of a STEP Special Edition.
      The only downside (for me at least) is that there is no Realistic Aspen Trees patch yet.
    • By AiElias
      I haven't seen any mention of this on the forum or google but sorry if I missed it.

      What is the process getting DynDOLOD generation to register upscaled trees? I've upscaled 3D Tree pines by 25% and applied the changes to the main and child nodes. I've also done the process of upscaling the collision meshes by extracting and merging through NifUtilSuite. Lastly, I've scaled the 3D tree lod nifs that come with 3D trees. Still, the scale of the lods in-game post generation is only 100% the original size not 125% like I am expecting. Am I missing something?

      Thanks in advance for any help or leads!
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