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[Feature Request] Profile independent AND dependent mod folders


After following the Skyrim optimisation guide, I have realised the importance of keeping mods from a guide seperate from your personal mods. This is because... I am struggling to find my original mods. In the cluster of mods installed via the STEP process, somewhere, is my old mods. Considering I made a separate STEP profile that I could then copy to make new profiles based upon it, it would be ideal to be able to isolate the STEP mods.


If there was the ability to have folders for mods specific to profiles, it would be much easier to organise my mods. Kinda like private and public interfaces in Object Oriented Programming.... OH MY GOD! I COULD BE ON TO SOMETHING HERE!!


What if this was implemented and then the ability to inherit from profiles was used! The children profiles would be able to have their own mods and their parents mods isolated from eachother but both sets of mods would get loaded!! I am a genius! POLYMORPHISM FTW! (As you can tell, I like OOP)


I don't have the expertise to work on this (as I can't even figure out how to build the source. There are no clear instructions and no list of dependencies or build tools) but PM me if there is anything unclear about what I have said.

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Unfortunately development on MO2 is all but stopped as Tannin has moved on the the NMM team. You could try asking for your request at Release Beta 4.2 · LePresidente/modorganizer, but the development there is mostly to get Skyrim SE integration. ePresidente lacks the coding skills to make large scale changes to the code.


The left pane is considered a pool of installed mods. Through naming and category use you should be able to separate your personal mods from the STEP ones.

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