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STEP, as an Enitity, is Not Involved in 'Fixing' CK/CK64

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This is a notice to all members, third-party entities, members of third-party entities, and all whom may be of concern.



STEP is listed ( https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/6gwpcq/help_requestcreation_kitseeking_large_scale/ ) as being sought out in helping decompile and debug the ZeniMax software known to all the modding community as the Creation Kit. STEP, as an entity, is in no way involved in this endeavor. STEP acknowledges this endeavor is in violation of the ZeniMax Terms/EULA and encourages any of our community members to not be or get involved in such endeavors which violates the Terms/EULA of third-parties. Furthermore, STEP holds no responsibly for any of its community members who choose to be or get involved in such endeavors; sole responsibility will be placed on the individual members of the community.


STEP will, upon lawful and legal request, fulfill and uphold any action requested of it by third-parties, such as ZeniMax; as long as such actions fall within the constraints of the laws of the United States.

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