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Framerate lag after fast travel/some new areas

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Hi all-

Been modding for many years and am pulling my hair out on this one (not much to pull anymore)

Always use Essarrbee's wonderful guide for pointers and a few mods of my own. The last 2 builds, game runs smooth as silk 98% of time...except on load after FT. Then panning mouse causes bad fps lag (almost like screenshots) for a few seconds until smooth. Things different on last 2 builds:

1. modded game on my ssd instead of hdd like before (never had this on hdd...odd)  also clean install creators build win 10 (eh?)

2. cannot use breplaceheap in NVSR due to out of memory errors... =0,  no errors (oddly enough COULD use it on hdd) exact same system (i7, gtx1070, 16GB system ram) am using nvse_config

3. tried many ini tweaks

4. went back one mod at a time and found NMC to be main culprit..optimized it with ddsopt (again..never had to on hdd)...still there. Tried smallest pack and better...but always used medium before (unoptimized) with excellent results

I know not a lot to go on, but if anyone else has experienced anything remotely like this with a working fix or something close to one , please advise!

Thanks for all you do gang!

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I am having almost identical issues by the sounds of it, and we have very similar hardware too (i7, 1080, 16gb ram, SSD). 

Even with a base game, I get these slowdowns when moving through load zones, fast travelling and generally traversing the world. Running all the usual stability mods with all the usual tweaks. Also on windows 10. 


The only improvement I managed to make, and it was slight, was changing uInteriorCellBuffer=3 to 16, uExteriorCellBuffer=36 to 102 and iPreloadLimit=26214400 to 262144000, and this helped marginally with the stutter between cells. 


If you could share your enblocal tweaks(if you are running ENB), and ini file tweaks, that would be great. 

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Hey! Just upgraded a few components and am remodding AGAIN, but backed up the merges so I don't have  to do that over again!

Mine with the base game is fine...it's later on I have the problem described. Last year I had a build that was as close to flawless as I can imagine and the only things changing that I know of are the 4GB LAA isn't applied at runtime anymore and the UOP plus addition. Tested it without the latter, still the same. I should note that I NEVER had to use Enboost with the Fallout series until this year. I use it for Skyrim 32bit and Oblivion, but never FO3 or FNV. Had to for FNV this year to eliminate a good bit of the problem described.

No files to share ATM, but will do when finished. Going to test without Enboost again and see! I never use enb...just a sweetfx preset that I love ;)

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