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TesModManager - OblivionModManager for Skyrim and Skyrim SE - Oblivion - Morrowind by monpetitbeurre, a new version of OBMM Extended, is not recognizing my Oblivion installation (even when installing it directly into the Oblivion directory). While I check off all other mods that it can be installed for, it will only insert itself in Skyrim Special Edition as a new obmm folder. I do not want it in my Skyrim Special Edition game, and even though I uncheck this game in the installation setup, it is still installing itself into the game directory. I also do not wish to uninstall the other games I have already installed just to prevent this utility from inserting itself into their directories.


Would someone be willing to help me figure out how to force it to install only for the game I wish to use it for, specifically Oblivion? I have also invited the author to participate in this topic, so hopefully we can figure out the best solution for all the games that it supports.

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I have to download this and Oblivion. When I do I will see what happens.

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TesModManager (TMM) installs wherever you tell it to (typically under "Program Files (x86)\TesModManager") and adds shortcuts for each game requested. Upon start and based on the parameter provided in the shortcut, it attempts to locate the requested game based on registry entries. It is possible that it falls back on a game that it finds if it is unsuccessful at locating a particular game.


Once it finds a game, it will create an obmm folder under that game directory to store all the game specific data (mods, configuration, etc).


I will try to improve the detection portion. If you are not afraid of editing the registry, you can add the pointer under:


A string value named oblivion which contains the full path to the game (C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion)


If you can provide the log file I can try to determine why it cannot locate the game on your system.


Best regards,



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Adding the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TesModManager


A string value named oblivion which contains the full path to the game (C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion) works. However while it says it is looking for SkyrimSE.exe, when I directed it to my Oblivion installation it did accept it. Thank you! I really appreciate the help.

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