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Vilified by the Legion - Legionaries failing to attack!


Hello S.T.E.P. users,
I've encountered a bug in F:NV relating to the Legion faction. I'm currently hostile towards them but none of the Legion's troops consider me as hostile; I can walk right up to them and initiate idle chatter without them shooting/stabbing/hacking/doing rude things to me. I've searched this bug on the internet and it seems to be quite a common occurrence, unfortunately enough. Here is one such example:
One of the users posted a fix which works for me:


[spoiler=Open up console and type:]Setenemy 0001b2a4 000ee68a 0 0  -  (This sets the players faction an enemy of Legion faction)
Setreputation 000f43dd 0 80          -  (This sets your reputation with Legion -80 wich makes you hated, did this instead of -100 because im not sure if it will be stable.)



But I was wondering if there is a more permanent solution, one which does not require the player to intervene through the console like this during the middle of a playthrough. One thing I have noticed is that the Legion hit-squads no longer bother running right up to me and declaring that I must die; they run into normal detection range and then start shooting. I must say it is a bit harder this way, but also a little easier, since I can't blow up a neat line of Legionary Assassins plodding towards me. So, has anyone else had a similar issue? I don't seem to have encountered this with the Powder Gangers who I am also hostile with, but I haven't been hostile with any other faction before (I'm a peacekeeper, yay!) so it may not be limited just to the Legion as far as I know.


Thankyou for reading!


*Paw Print*

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