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Textures issue...


I have done superb overhaul to SSE, but still I'm not satisfied with some textures...


1) Helgen city, generally, exterior (but most interior), is not so good as I want. I want 4K textures everywhere, and Helgen probably has 1K-2K... Which textures/meshes Helgen is using, to try to find some better?


2) That first abandoned tower (across Riverwood), just before we turn left and head to the first (important) Nord ruins... what meshes & texture's using????


3) Best mountain texture mod?


4) Best dwemer overhaul combo?


Thxs for any answer...

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If you haven't done so, I would install Skyrim Realistic Overhaul as your base and go from there. It's high detailed, lots of 4K, and matches vanilla well.


Nordic tower, if I'm not mistaken


Many are using this for mountains, but there are several good ones: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/5463/?


It's not complete, but there's this for Dwemer: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/75610/?

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Thxs for the reply.


Of course I am, SRO is the first I'm using (for "base", as you said). "Nordic tower"... hm, okay, I'll check.

The "Majectic" is good, but will ruin my ENB, it has custom-own sun tweak and most of the ENB users reported bad visual issues.


Yeah, I know that Dwemer... I'm using it, combo with many "Oldrim". I thought it was a better one, out there.



...So, I'm using the SRO and others. Yes, it does have 4K graphs... but the res is not high! The guy simply took 1K-2K graphs and doubled-sized them up. I opened several textures and checked them, in CLOSE look they are blur and pixelized.

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